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18.01.2019, 17:38

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Taking Junior for a Stroll
Taking Junior for a Stroll


Taking Junior for a Stroll
Description: The thought of a baby Battlecrab started my insane mind wandering into the loonie zone and this is the result. The big ship is the original B5 Battlecrab and the little fellow in front of it is a from scratch model based on the original. Cute little tyke, isn't it?

My learning process is sometimes well tuned and I made some good progress today. The first two models had high polygon counts. Ver. 1 had over 123,000 and Ver. 2 had a staggering 490,000. This one has just over 20,000 polygons, a major improvment. So far I've been working with the Vertex modeler exclusively. There are also the Nurbs and Spline modelers that I'll eventually be playing with. OH, THE POSIBILITIES!!!!!! LOL
Added by: spektyr
Keywords: Space, Hyperspace, Babylon5, Shadows, Battlecrab, Spektyr
Date: 06.20.2007 03:32
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Join Date: 12.21.2006
Comments: 667

I think that 2,000 verts would be enough for this model, did you subdivide it?

By the way Rhino3D is the best NURBS modeling software, but it does not come cheap. I like nurbs modeling, because most of the harder stuf that I do is vertext pushing. Here is a link to a free nurbs modeling software still in development, its actually rather nice, and easy. Oh and get this, the guy who actually first worked on/designed rhino3D is the same guy that is working on MoI.
06.20.2007 04:33 Offline gat brshkv at

Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2622

Your work is spectacular, I just feel that finding an excuse to add a strong light source will improve greatly the 3d impression of the models themselves.
06.20.2007 04:52 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4476

As I said before, I am a bit lost here not knowing what is going on. On the whole, I would second Rashad's suggestion to find an excuse for an additional light source to improve the 3D feel.
06.20.2007 08:59 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 07.02.2005
Comments: 1010


I did one subdivision to improve the smoothing.

I've heard of Rhino3D but that's out of my reach right now. So is Cinema3D, 3DS Max, Lightwave, Maya and Combustion. Right now I have Bryce 6.1, Carrara Pro 5.1, Hexagon 2 and the old Ray Dream Studio 5.5. I also have Wings3D, Blender, UIC, Apophysis 2 beta and a few other freeware apps I can't remember right now. Thanks for the link. I just downloaded it and I'll try it out soon. I don't have a tablet yet but I'm hoping to be able to buy a 9 x 12 pretty soon.


Once again you honor me with a dazzling compliment. Thank you! You're right. I have to work on my lighting techniques. I guess it'll come with practice. Most of what I'm doing lately is at an almost rushed pace. My life situation is full of distractions and annoyances so I'm unable to just relax and put my mind completely into my work. I'm hoping things will settle down soon and I'll be in a more creative frame of mind.


I'll give you a quick explanation of the theme of these images. We had a Sci Fi TV series here in the States called Babylon 5 that ran for 5 seasons. These are living ships created by an anchient alien race known as the Shadows. Each ship used a sentient being as a symbiotic control mechanism and where quite difficult to defeat. They could 'phase' in and out of normal space at will which allowed them to ambush their target without warning and be gone just as quickly. Their main weapon was a high power energy beam that could cut ships in half with ease. When you said they 'looked' scary you were only scratching the surface of the truth. If these things actually existed it would be the most terrifying threat Humanity has ever known. Have a nice day. ;-) hehe

And I do agree I need to work on my lighting. ;-)
06.20.2007 13:24 Offline spektyr spektyr at

Join Date: 01.03.2004
Comments: 2227

I recall a scene where they were importing/grafting a human pilot into one of these organic craft, the craft was in a crater on some moon and was lit from several directions as I recall... that setting might offer the flexibilty you need lighting wise to set off your model? This is good work, and accurate to the series, but as stated, hyperspace lacks lighting opportunities.
06.20.2007 20:57 Offline davidbrinnen mail at

Join Date: 07.02.2005
Comments: 1010

It was on Ganymede. I remember that one well. They destroyed it by tricking it into chasing them into Jupiter's atmosphere and it was eventually crushed by the pressure.

I was thinking of trying an HDRI probe of Hyperspace. What do you think?
06.20.2007 23:58 Offline spektyr spektyr at

Join Date: 09.06.2008
Comments: 138

i like no so much object but nice job as i like
11.24.2008 08:42 Offline t_bahles tahabahles at
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