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Swamp and Jungle
Swamp and Jungle
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20.02.2019, 03:51

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Getting closer to the Ice
Getting closer to the Ice


Getting closer to the Ice
Description: Inspired by Horo's comments about my missing glacier I have attempted to put together a terrain material to give the illusion of that kind of surface - so here it is.
Added by: davidbrinnen
Keywords: davidbrinnen, glacier, ice, snow, mountains, landscape, wolf, rook, crow
Date: 11.08.2004 14:21
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Rating: 4.33 (3 Vote(s))
File size: 481.7 KB
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Join Date: 10.01.2004
Comments: 163

Awsome effect with the glacier It think its perfect the grooves seem so reall Its just so awsome and Since I love crows I think that its a perfect Image to put in the picture It doesnt draw the eye to much away from the glacier but its just right awsome A+ + work david as always and the sky is great to. lol. Btw How do you get your pictures so big and the file size be so small like if you look at my pictures there rather small and I usually have to make my pics like 400 x 500 and its rather annoying so just wondering how do you do it Tanks
Ciao !
11.08.2004 15:56 Offline jesuis xxomnislashxx at

Join Date: 01.03.2004
Comments: 2227
Size and size

Once your pic is ready, set whatever render options you are going to use and go File>Render to Disc - I render in two sizes 24in x18in @300dip for printer reproduction and 1600pix x 1200pix for stuff intended for VDU display. So for this site say, I'll load my 1600x1200 into PSP7, apply my branding which I have saved as a seperate layer and resize to 1280x960 then save as JPG (in PSP7 you can dynamically change the compression so that with a bit of tweeking you can set the output file size to under 500kb which is what I aim for) doubtless other packages offer similar options. So there you go.
11.09.2004 09:00 Offline davidbrinnen mail at

Join Date: 12.11.2003
Comments: 441
And note

I'll usually resize your work also, after you've uploaded it, so if its not compressed enuf, i'll make it smaller. David's stuff is so awesome that it gets to stay at 500kb =) hehe
11.09.2004 13:38 Offline Nightst4r nightst4r at

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4478

Once I'm in, I have no crashes on this site. But 2 out of 3 times I get SQL errors and 0 pics are in the data base when I log in -- which means, that I get to the pics late.

The mat with those ripples are awsome in their own right. I wonder where they came from. Wind? I've never seen such narrow strips on a a glacier yet and I've been on some and even measured the depth of the ice once. In my view, this isn't it yet, but you are on the final approach.

The pic itself is excellent. The mountains look plausible and I'd like to visit that spot, provided a cable car would bring me up. Staggered up a couple of 12'000+ ft mountains in younger years and I got tired in the process even then.

The clouds in the sky give away that this was done with a wide angle camera setting, if I'm not mistaken. The bird looks like the ones we find at that sort of places. I don't find the english word in the dic -- they look somewhat like blackbirds, are about double the size, have a yellow peak and are excellent gliders. Though black, I always called them the seaguls of the mountains because you could see their use of the ?flaps? on the wings. Have you got that one from DAZ?
11.09.2004 16:51 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 01.03.2004
Comments: 2227
Oh dear

Yes, well I confess that I have never been on a glacier or even really studied them I just kinda felt the surface should be all crinkly because thats how I imagined it. You know I live in Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire (which is horrendusly flat) and we rarely ever get snow :0( but occasionally we do :0) and it settles on the beach and the wind sculpts over it and rolls it up into snow sheep (well that's what they look like) just random bails of snow dotted down the beach. That's cool. Well usually it is bitter here in the winter, lots of damp air and wind. Brrr... Oh I digress anyhow, the bird is a Noggins crow, which I can't sing the praises of enough downloaded from DAZ for a few dollars and manipulated in Poser5. I have no idea what kind of birds you get over glaciers, I just plopped it in there for compositional reasons. Always a balanceing act between photorealism (which is a good technical exercise but maybe pointless as far as art is concerned) and expressing whatever it is I wanted to express by making this picture. Which as per usual I don't know because I don't think about it in that way while I'm putting it together and generally it is only afterwards that I reolise that I've done a picture about so and so.

Yes, Horo, I like the wide angle effect for these outdoorsy type images I believe it reflects more what you see with the eye in some ways (somewhere in the region of 120deg) of course the focus of the eye is narrower, considerably, but given a view of this scope I think you employ more periferal vision than usual and get that panoramic effect - I know I do when I look out to sea.

And I do get that SQL error every so often but our internet connection also crashes out at least once every two hours and sometimes as often as every 20mins. Anyhow thank's for the advice I will continue working on snow and ice - good for the contrast and the depth of field!
11.10.2004 16:22 Offline davidbrinnen mail at
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