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24.06.2019, 22:15

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Description: Inspired by a pen and ink drawing I found on an old postcard (Local History Card No.414). This is supposed to be Eyam in Derbyshire. And now in true Horo style...

Eyam, known as the "Queen of the Peak", stands on a ledge of carboniferous limestone, high above the Derwent Valley. To the Normans it was known as Aiune, and later Eyham and Eham. The name, probably Celtic, meant "waterplace".

Many of the attractive stone houses in the village were standing at the time of the Plague of 1666. The Hall, pictured above, was built in 1676, and opposite, on the green known as the Cross, are the village stocks, restored in 1951. The Cross was cobbled in earlier times, and here were held markets and fairs.

There are many connections with the Plague. The Lydgate graves lie near the village Square. Here are buried George Darby and his daughter Mary, both of whom died in the Plague. The Riley Graves to the east of the village contain memorials to the Hancock family. Within one week the mother lost her husband and six children. The highlight ofEyam's year is the Plague Commemoration Service, held on the last Sunday in August. During the Plague the rector preached from a rock in Cucklet Delf. Now know as Cucklet Church, the Commemoration Service is held here every year.

Phew! So now you know! Thanks to Local History Card 414 - and the pen and ink drawing was signed Pockerill - I think the writing is very small.

Props made in wings3d and lighting adjusted slightly for greater contrast in PSP7.
Added by: davidbrinnen
Keywords: davidbrinnen, wings3d, eyam, derbyshire, landscape
Date: 07.10.2004 16:52
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File size: 408.1 KB
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Join Date: 12.25.2003
Comments: 77

that looks so real man but the thing that gives it a way i think is the chain.i think the res is fine..

ok question time:
how do did u made the trees
did u model it??

ohh by the way can i ask r u english??

aaaaaany way very good work man i wish i would do pictures like this when iam a bit older.

ok tanku very nice work :-))))
07.10.2004 17:55 Offline mehran mehransab2002 at

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4488

I've been always convinced that you are a great Bryce craftsman. This is a piece of art as well. It could almost pass as an Arnold B?cklin (1827-1901) a gifted painter who lived in Basel. The local tragic fate described could fit to almost any village in Europe during the time of the pest some 300 years ago. I read some very impressing histroric novels about that periode a long time ago. This picture has brought back what I felt when I read those books with unparalleled brutality.

The chain. You can do I proper chain (even I can), why did you do it the way you did? I tried to read some symbolism in them, but I failed.
07.10.2004 18:30 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 01.03.2004
Comments: 2227
Always ready to listen...

So tell me how I should tackle the chain? Bearing in mind that at present what you see there is a series of inteconneced clynders - do I need to scrap that and start again (moddel it link for link) or is there some kind of chain material I can use?

The trees are just bryce trees with a bit of time tweeking the tree editor putting more leaves on.

And yes I am English, a fact I can be moderately proud of so long as the rotten appels amongst the football fans are not embarassing us by getting arrested somewhere!

So back to this chain - what do you suggest?

And Aronld Boecklin eh? Never heard of him and there was me thinking I knew something about art. I am ashamed.
07.11.2004 09:39 Offline davidbrinnen mail at

Join Date: 01.03.2004
Comments: 2227

I tried the edit button under the image but although it says I can "edit image" there does not seem to be any way to update it - so I'll see if I can get the nightst4r to replace this one with my new updated chain link verions. Clearly there are more important things I should be getting on with, work to be done but in the interests of avoiding more horrible tasks (eg filling in last years tax forms - shudder - I've mispent my time moddling a proper chain - tusk). So there's the story. Bad bad lazy david.
07.11.2004 16:17 Offline davidbrinnen mail at

Join Date: 12.11.2003
Comments: 441

The new chains are much better! Outstanding work.
07.11.2004 16:47 Offline Nightst4r nightst4r at

Join Date: 12.25.2003
Comments: 77
yea that a real chain

yep noe that is a good chain.
yea excelent i live in the uk aswell very good country
and bye the way very good picture
it looks more real now
07.11.2004 17:17 Offline mehran mehransab2002 at

Join Date: 01.03.2004
Comments: 2227

That was quick work. I used wings for the chains and deformed them using inflation but as you can see they've got a bit streached in the process. The shape of the curve is a catineary (can't spell that either) but I don't know how to go about getting one unless through estimation like this. Unless wings has some kind of gravity moddler component? I guess I could always make the excuse that they have been streached by children swinging on them? How's that?
07.11.2004 17:18 Offline davidbrinnen mail at

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4488
I'm late

The chain is excellent now. I do them with Bryce toruses. I do one and replicate with an offset. The challenge is, having them not as a straight line but hanging, as you did. However you did it, it looks perfect to me.

Don't be ashamed of not knowing Arnold B?cklin. A lot of Swiss don't either. I could easily digress in a 500+ word essay why I'm a fan of his works. And then, there must be many great British painters, I don't even know they existed. Pitty, for I'm quitef an ?Anglophile?.
07.11.2004 18:28 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 05.07.2004
Comments: 242

This is outstanding... the plants are very realistic. how did you do them? 5/5! actually, being english is not a bad thing at all. I would like to move to Great Britan if I could.
07.12.2004 01:15 Offline LitoNico LitoNico at
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