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Yo-Yo Man
Yo-Yo Man
Comments: 2

21.07.2024, 07:11

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Alien Seascape Scene
Alien Seascape Scene


Alien Seascape Scene
Description: This was my first attempt to compose and render a "Mega Scene".

It is the largest scene i ever attempted [after 17 years working with Bryce!].

It was inspired by Rashad Carter's work with ecosystems which i admire very much and i dedicate this one to him.

In 2012 i wanted to create a scene with Bryce-ONLY models which are unique and don't look like Bryce made. So i used PFSOs. I also included in this work some ideas i exposited in my ARDL tutorial posted on the DAZ Forum at the time [which Horo laboriously copied for posterity on to his website - thanks Horo].

Like most of my work, this one is experimental. I don't have the nerve to ever suggest that anything i do is "great art". I am a bit like Horo in that regard.

It took many months to compose and many weeks to render. But that is normal for me.

I don't know how many MetaBalls are used in this. 100 thousand perhaps? Many PFSOs had to be converted into mesh hulls which have their own unique problems.

There were also many variants of this scene.

The last one was actually rendered at much higher resolution than i can post here. I think i also posted one on DAZ Forum late last year.

The materials by the way are standard Bryce 7.1 pro. I did not create those materials. If they look good like the rocks, credit must go to David Brinnen who i think created some of those materials. I tweeked the Melon Material [I don't know the source of it] to conform it to some of my objects.

I was tempted to bring the render back into Bryce and do post work on it using my Bryce OIP engines but then i thought it would be better to let it be as it is, warts and all. Using Bryce to do post work because a render did not come out right is cheating in my book, like those who use Photoshop and other similar apps all the time to soup up Bryce renders are also cheats.

Of course post work in Bryce OIP is very costly in rendertime [because we have to use Render Mode 2 to get Photoshop quality]. It is much quicker to use Photoshop or other similar apps which are based on pixel channel ops rather then raytracing.

Now involved in other projects including The Bryce Dragon [most important that one is]. Therefore you may not "hear"/see from me for a while.

Have got a few renders which were started at Christmas 2012 completed now. 4-month renders? I don't know if i should post some of those.
Added by: KinemagiK
Date: 05.16.2013 15:20
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Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4721

Fantastic! You're certainly a very patient person. You've certainly seen the work of Michael Frank and your seascape reminds me of his works. Bryce purist - well, I used to be one and still am, sort of. The result counts, not the means. However, if I can enhance a render in Photoshop, I did a slopy job with the lighting. I very seldom resort to post production except for the title. Again, great work. For me, it's a full fiver.
05.18.2013 19:01 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 10.14.2011
Comments: 11

Congratulations! You have reached the top of one of the highest mountains in Bryce world.
05.18.2013 19:31 Offline ignatius

Join Date: 07.07.2012
Comments: 29
Thanks for your kind comments


Bryce "purism" or Brycegamido is a cultural and at this stage personal thing. Like Origami. There is no practical point in doing it. It is like climbing the Matterhorn. It has been climbed so many times and it is much nicer to see it from a helicopter. More comfortable too!

People like Michael Frank are only concerned with expressing their artistic imagination. Photoshop and Bryce are just tools to do that. He makes large fine art prints at very high resolution, for that Photoshop is absolutely essential. But Frank is one of the few people who figured out that Bryce has some real-time dynamic modelling capabilities for certain kinds of forms that other 3D programs do not have.

I also like the technical side of exploring and using Bryce. In that regard i am a bit like you Horo.

If i was only interested in Fine Art expression i would probably use the German Cinema 4D which is 100% stable and has all the tools of Bryce, Photoshop, Illustrator and Maya rolled into one. And it is VERY FAST! Against that kind of competition Bryce stands no chance no matter how good a Bryce artist might be.

But i think it is the challange of doing things under limitation that drives us.
05.18.2013 20:24 Offline KinemagiK pbudarick at

Join Date: 07.07.2012
Comments: 29
Thanks Ignatius

You are very kind but i am too well informed of the magnificent work which others do with Bryce to ever feel i have climbed "the highest mountain".

What i did was just an experiment. Of course i like to make my experiments look as good as possible. But i have been doing this for 17 years and have nothing of great artistic merrit to show for it.

Still i am a Bryce hobbyist and i am now working on the Bryce Dragon which hopefully will allow me for the first time to create something with artistic expression.

We shall see.
05.18.2013 20:32 Offline KinemagiK pbudarick at

Join Date: 03.01.2011
Comments: 236

Wonderful image, as far as being an artist goes, i don't think of myself as an artist in the traditional sense when working with 3D software, More of a creationist. 5/5
05.20.2013 14:25 Offline STKydd dragonsbain at

Join Date: 07.07.2012
Comments: 29
Thanks STKydd

I have no idea what it means to be an "artist" or "Artist".

Nor do i know much about tradition except that it repeats itself every so many hundred years.

I recall that J. Krishnamurti once described "art" as "skill in action". Thus we have the art of war and the art of cooking.

Creation is another thing and an interesting subject. It has the component of breaking tradition which means breaking the root of "art". It is of course found in natural evolution as well.

I have looked at some of your work [renders] and t like them. But no time to comment on them.
05.23.2013 16:11 Offline KinemagiK pbudarick at

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