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The world above us
The world above us
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15.04.2024, 19:58

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Italian Villa
Italian Villa


Italian Villa
Description: I probably shouldn't be posting this here after seeing Horo's wonderful render of Alan Armstrong's Italian Villa as I feel as though I should probably do something more with the lighting - just not sure what. Anyway I thought perhaps those who haven't seen it in closeup may like to have a look at Alan's wonderful model.
Added by: JoAJ
Date: 10.19.2009 21:53
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Author: Comment:

Join Date: 04.15.2004
Comments: 1092

Good-good... though not the lighting is the issue here. You may first want to look at the characters' size in relation to the villa - they're not suppost to be giants, are they :). Next, if you haven't "dived" in postwork previously, now is the time. The space in front and around the characters is too clean, too uniform and empty. Search in Google for some mid-to-high resolution pictures of pavement, dirty road, mossy stones or alike. Then if you have Photoshop, layer such picture on top of the empty ground, rescale it and squish it so if fits the perspective of the camera and finally just switch the layer blending mode from "normal" to "overlay" for ex. You'll be surprised from the result. Now carefully erase where the postwork pic layers on top of the human figures and you're basically done.

The same process and additional experimenting in layer blending modes may help you improve the uniform texturing on some places of the Villa's walls. Keep it up!
10.20.2009 11:45 Offline richter richter at

Join Date: 03.21.2009
Comments: 183

Very cool, I like this scene.
10.20.2009 18:07 Offline Rebel64

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4721

You did a lot with vegetation here and it looks very nice. The background is well done. Though I like the lighting, I'm not sure it fits the overcast sky. It's hard to believe to have still a sun out. Army's models usually fit the default size of DAZ characters. Move the lady to the stairs. Her hips shouldn't be higher than the railing. Good eye on this, richter.
10.20.2009 19:02 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 10.21.2008
Comments: 113

Wow thanks for you comments!!

Firstly, I haven't done a thing with the lighting, that's just Alan's original sky file with nothing changed, in fact the whole thing other than the figures and flowers are just as it loaded into Bryce but I did have another render with the camera view and in that one the figures were probably in proportion more. Frankly I hadn't even noticed that they were too large in this one - which only goes to show how unobservant I can be!! LOL.

Secondly, I'd never have thought of doing postwork. I don't have Photoshop just PaintShopPro but it works pretty well the same. Up till now I've tried to avoid doing any postwork but I'll certainly have a play with this when I've time.

So far as the tiles etc. are concerned, wouldn't it be just as easy to change the texture to a dirty road or something in Bryce itself using the pic. option in the materials lab rather than texture?
10.20.2009 22:36 Offline JoAJ

Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2610

In all honesty, the biggest problem with the lighting in the original document file is that it is lit with ambient glow for indirect lighting and the weakling default sun for direct. These tools will sadly introduce more problems than they will solve. Still, I think the current settings are reasonable and subtle enough for users of all levels which was Army's intention. But as Richter observes, an overcast sky would realistically mean alot more indirect light due to scattering by the clouds. What Richter seems to observe is the natural disconnect that occurs with ambient glow, as if Army were to indeed raise the ambient high enough to represent the overcast sky, the 2d uniformity of the ambient glow would draw attention to itself becoming painfully apparent and false looking. There is also skydome light wreaking havoc. Notice how shadows from the sun are much darker along the vertical walls than they are along the ground? This is due to the skydome shining straight down only offering no light whatsoever from the side angles.

I would say that larger humans have been observed before in renders from JoAJ. In many cases I think the brain plays tricks on us when we are considering the scaling of objects. For this reason I always refer to numeric values to ensure that a person is the proper height in relation to a doorway and so forth. Once I know the general scaling I can then accurately position the elements. The giant humans are a clever compositional convention however, adding a strange perhaps focus to the main subjects.

The flowers are fantastic, they look as though they are scaled to fit the humans moreso than the Villa. This helps justify the scale of the humans a bit.

I love the way these characters are posed, I find it totally convincing. The clothes turned out very well indeed.

The camera shot is probably one of my favorite of any of us who have rendered this space so far.

Awesome render JoAJ!!!
10.21.2009 07:53 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at

Join Date: 10.21.2008
Comments: 113

Thanks for you comments Rashad.

Gosh, I don't know how on earth you guys know so much!!! LOL. I wouldn't have any idea that something was using Ambient Glow or not by looking at an image, no doubt it's a case of knowing what to look for which is where the majority of people - like me - probably fall down most in renders. I don't even know that it's a matter of experience or just that you have a better "eye" for detail than others. t also seems to get rather technical, I'm O.K. with technical things so far as fixing my computer is concerned but when it comes to graphics I have to say I find it difficult to say the least - oh well, maybe one of these days! LOL.
10.21.2009 22:57 Offline JoAJ

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