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Daedalus Explosion
Daedalus Explosion
Comments: 4

24.06.2019, 22:00

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Frolicking through the foam.
Frolicking through the foam.


Frolicking through the foam.
Description: Another oldie that I thought it time to at least try to finish! This was from a tutorial I was trying out not long after I first got Bryce. I've had a devil of a job trying to get the waves and foam to work and I can't honestly say it's very good.

The lighthouse by the way is from Dhama.

Thanks for looking.

Added by: JoAJ
Keywords: landscape
Date: 08.12.2009 02:23
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Join Date: 04.15.2004
Comments: 1097

I do like it overall, yes. The white mist is somehow nicely done too. Considering that this image is your first tut-based one, you can't requre ultra-realistic results, though in my opinion you did well.

The waves, depending on what you're after, can be taken as a Fantasy ones, or with a little boost in the right direction - photorealistic. Since you achieved the fantasy look by my "wave-o-meter" :) I'll just point you to works made by an artist here, nicknamed Popgriffon. He has made some extremely convincing sea-scapes and was kind enough to share his technique for the audience here. Even uploaded his wave material. There's a chance it might not be too easy to grasp at first, but with enough dedication on the subject I believe everything will come to its place. Now to the point - [Here is the basic sea-scape] with the needed description, and [here is the wave "PopSea" material]. So, JoAJ, in case you want to give your scene a realistic whirl, this is the needed stuff. And before I forget - Popgriffon used postwork strokes with an appropriate transparency and flow of the brush for the foam in some of his works, which can take you even to a higher level of realism.
08.12.2009 08:58 Offline richter richter at

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4488

Indeed a great job from a beginner. Apart from the waves Richter mentions, I see two other tiny issues. The dolphins don't look wet, they need specularity and specular halo. The second issue is the lighthouse that looks as not being firmly set on the ground towards the left. This isn't disturbing in this size, but if you render larger, it will become obvious. The part I like best is the fog or spray along the visible coast towards the lighthouse.
08.12.2009 19:43 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 10.21.2008
Comments: 113

Thanks Richter and Horo for your comments - always helpful!

I think this tutorial was and still is the hardest I've ever tried - just trying to get all those sea thingys together, there are several different water terrains in there that I kept moving around, up and down and so on. I think it's a pretty old tutorial from memory and you'd obviously know the one I mean - think it was called Raging Seas and as I love the sea so much I felt I just had to try it but until the other day had given up on trying to finish it off.

Yes Richter, I had seen Popgriffons render but although I intended to download that file, just never got around to it. I will now though and see if I can understand it his instructions so thanks for mentioning it.

Yeah, the lighthouse isn't really sitting properly, although I did fool around with it a bit more, probably should have taken the house away as the lighthouse is in two bits.

Gosh, I didn't think about the dolphins not being wet - what an idiot!! Heaven knows my husband and I have seen plenty frolicking around our boat when we used to go sailing and that's one of the first things I should have seen for myself (for that matter I'm surprised my husband didn't make some comment about it! LOL).
08.12.2009 23:02 Offline JoAJ

Join Date: 10.22.2008
Comments: 394

wow this is really complex...nice job on it..your work keeps getting better and better.
08.13.2009 15:19 Offline bullit35744

Join Date: 10.21.2008
Comments: 113

Thanks Trish although this is an old render not a new one, I only sort of "dusted it off" and added the dohphins and seagulls the other dayjust for fun and to see if those made it look a bit better.

Must say I'd love to try out Popgriffon's method of making a sea, looks a bit difficult so I guess a case of having the time to fiddle around - one of these days.

By the way, I have now used specularity and specular halo on the dophins and moved the lighthouse, it does look better and I uploaded it to the Daz/Bryce forum - didn't want to post the same thing twice here and perhaps annoy everyone! LOL.
08.13.2009 21:14 Offline JoAJ

Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2622

Nice interplay of the elements here, JoAJ. This tutorial has served you well. I really like the way you have suggested the effects of wind. Strong wind ties in very believably with the sky and water wave crests. The colors of the sky are really pleasing. The water is working nicely here, I only miss some hint of wetness on the bodies of the mammals, as already mentioned. I cannot help but to wonder if the waters are not rather a bit dangerous at this time. I wonder if this is another example of the terrains rendered without AA, seems somehow electrified, in a good way.

I agree, there is a nice touch of complexity. Very good!
08.15.2009 23:04 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at
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