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13.08.2022, 03:36

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Sector 15
Sector 15


Sector 15
Description: I just got cinema 4d and made a test render this is the result postwoked in PS
i think ill try and studying C4d and its easier to learn than Maya XD but i still prefer maya as the modeler...

Tool chain used: PoserPro // Interposer // Cinema 4d // PS CS2

Very short Story

Sector 15 was invaded by unknown creatures and Alpha Squad was sent to Sector 15 to look for these unknown beings, not knowing what are the enemies they must be cautious at all times. and when Alpha team reached Sector 15 the power was down on that sector and they have no choice but to use their portable light equipment until the engineers can turn on the power. When they turned on their portable light equipment what they saw on front of them were corpses of dead people and blood splattered all over the wall , limbs where scattered everywhere.

Private 1:
"oh ****, what the hell happened here! said one of the Alpha members with a shocking expression

After seeing all of that the Alpha team became more Cautious .

" Where are those damn engineer's coming here?!?"

" Just stand guard and wait, they will be here soon" said their Captain.

After 30 mins the Engineer's came
First Lieutenant
"It's about time you guys came here!"

"Sorry we're late, we had to recheck our equipment before going here" the Engineers started to work on the problem.

"Hmmmm the cables are all cut off and some are even chewed on, what on earth could have done this?, we will need an hour before we can fix this the fuse is badly damaged and we need to scan it"

a few minutes later...

Private 2:
"Captain!, I see something moving over there!"

the captain pointed his flashlight at the direction where the Private showed him

"oh Shi-, What the hell is that!

Suddenly the creature noticed them and charged at them at high speed

Private 3
" Bloody hell its an Alien!"

"All men battle stations!!!!, fire at will bring that thing down now!!!" the captain shouted!.

The alien charged at them and fortunately the alien died before it can kill one of them

Private 3:
"is that it??"

First Lieutenant:
"there are more coming, Brace yourselves!"

after the 1st alien died a pack of alien started charging at them. Alpha team was in heavy fire the aliens are jumping all over the corridors towards them, a few minutes later they are losing their men minute by minute!

First Lieutenant
" We cannot hold them much longer!!! , Send reinforcements!!!!"


This is Alpha team we are currently under fire and requesting back up!!!

I repeat!
This is Alpha team we are currently under fire and requesting back up!!! The captain transmitted to headquarters

Messaged Recieved! , we will send reinforcements there immediately , please stay on your ground and wait for the reinforcements!

"How long???, we need them here ASAP! there is too much of this critters"

Reinforcements will arrive at ETA 30 mins

" Damn, that long!?!?!"

" Alright men the reinforcements will come here in ETA 30 mins so we must hold on!

Second Lieutenant:
" Sir, first line of defence has been breached!

Alpha team was losing their men little by little.

"Damn it! were done for!,it will take a miracle if we can hold them out in 30 mins!"

Team!, Regroup now!!!!!..

Will the Alpha Team Survive? or they will end up dead like the others???

Hope you understand the story :D
Added by: archclan
Keywords: Sector, 15, cinema, 4d
Date: 05.18.2009 23:45
Hits: 4149
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File size: 182.0 KB
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Author: Comment:

Join Date: 04.15.2004
Comments: 1097

Hell yeah! You've got 5 for this story! It somehow reminds me of Doom the movie.

Both Maya and Cinema 4D are powerful software packages. Where Maya has the edge with the Paint FX unique feature and artisan(tm) tools, the C4D has Bodypaint available (I think), which is invaluable asset for painting textures. My advice is to make up your mind which software you want to use and stick with it for awhile until the basics / intermediate level tools/commands are familiar enough to you. Trying to learn more then one complex soft-pack isn't always a good idea. Just a thought and keep up.
05.19.2009 00:10 Offline richter richter at

Join Date: 08.01.2008
Comments: 242

if i can only afford going to classes id pick maya and yeah i really have to make up my mind.... the great thing about C4d is the render engine and for me its user friendly.
05.19.2009 00:28 Offline archclan arch_devol at

Join Date: 07.02.2005
Comments: 1010

That sounds like a good FPS intro vid. Doom 4! Comming soon to a GameStop near you! ;-)

I really like the image. That's a wicked looking smart gun. ;-)

I agree with Richter. Choose one package and work at being proficient with it, then start platyng with the other. I have to start working with Carrara more. I'm pretty good with the vertex modeler but there's so much more to that package I need to explore. ;-)
05.19.2009 02:42 Offline spektyr spektyr at

Join Date: 09.06.2008
Comments: 138

nice job
05.19.2009 08:08 Offline t_bahles tahabahles at

Join Date: 10.22.2008
Comments: 394

powerful scene
05.19.2009 13:50 Offline bullit35744

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4744

Fearful chap. Great modelling here.
05.19.2009 16:08 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 08.01.2008
Comments: 242

thanks for the comments guys!!

btw those armor are Sanctumarts :P
05.20.2009 00:22 Offline archclan arch_devol at

Join Date: 05.07.2004
Comments: 242

I've been whiling away my free time for the past few years trying to learn C4D (one reason for my inactivity here!). I think Bryce leads nicely into familiarity with C4D- I found it wasn't too hard to get used to it, even when Maya still confuses me.

You've done a super job here with the lighting and render, looks spectacular. Good luck with whatever program you choose!
05.20.2009 02:46 Offline LitoNico LitoNico at

Join Date: 07.31.2008
Comments: 328

Very good render, setup and lightning are very good. I wish You good luck at mastering C4D!
05.20.2009 13:49 Offline Alexandr sashama at

Join Date: 03.30.2007
Comments: 394

Awesome! Nice job and cool story.
05.20.2009 20:56 Offline connorzelinsky connorz16 at

Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2622

Incredible and amazing. I am speechless. it rides a thin line between photorealism and art. It feels highly cinematic. Love it!
05.31.2009 19:35 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at
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