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Blu glow
Blu glow
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19.06.2018, 16:03

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Country Lane Carrara 6 PRO Howie Farkes
Country Lane  Carrara 6 PRO Howie Farkes


Country Lane Carrara 6 PRO Howie Farkes
Description: Carrara Carrara Carrara. I mean really now. I was not especially impressed with alot of what I was seeing from Carrara, that is until Howie Farkes reached this new "level" of expertise in assembling these nature scenes.

Bryce can do alot, but it has a crude way of handling memory that greatly limits the amount of complexity Bryce will handle reliably. Carrara on the other hand is an entirely different beast and can handle incredible complexity. Complexity and realism go hand in hand when recreating nature. Nature is the ultimate test of complexity.

The reason I have uploaded this image is to offer up a comparison of Carrara 6 PRO to Vue and Bryce. For me, the work of Howie Farkes in regards to these images is on a completely different level than anything else I am seeing at Daz or from other Carrara users. More than one laymen exposed to his renders by me have sworn that they were real photos, that no program could do that. We all know what computers can do so we know this is not truly real, but we also know that it comes closer than many outdoor renders we have seen, regardless of the program used.

The models are fantastic and very natural looking, Bryce vegetation cannot compete with Carrara veggies.

The question then becomes, how was the scene lit?

I was blown away to discover upon purchaseing the scene, that Howie did not use the installed GI controls. No skylight, even though he used a realsitic sky he did not make it into a light source. He also is not using indirect light. No GI bounce of light is going on here!! In this case he created a dome of light sources himself as a fake GI. Wow I say. Fake GI via a dome of inward facing spotlights, hey Bryce can do that! His own light solution was better than what Carrara would normally offer.

Carrara has a wonderful skylight, the only problem is that it is often too color saturated for my tastes. The transparency of the foliage also makes for extremely long renders when the infinite points of the sky are converted into light sources. So my theory is that Howie Farkes used a fake GI dome to save on render time and to prevent the blue from the sky from overtaking the scenario.

This scene as you see it here has been post worked, saturation was lowered to be more realistic and the hue was shifted from bluish green to more greenish yellow. I am highly impressed with this scene. I think I could fake the lighting used in Bryce, but I could never match the model complexity, no way. By the way this render was about 10 minutes folks!!!!!!!

I want to fall in love with Carrara, but I had begun to find the lighting tools to not really be all that impresseive as I had thought they would be. Self made lighting seems to offer better results, at least in this case. Which proves that no matter how powerful the program you use, the better you understand the true dynamics of lighitng the better off you will be. Makes me hungry to learn more!

Thanks for your time all. I will develop the scene into a real scene at some point, I just could not pass up the opportunity to see what others feel about these Carrara renders by Howie Farkes. If you visit the Daz website you can purchase the scenes yourself and test them out provided you already own Carrara6 Pro.
Later buds.
Added by: rashadcarter1
Keywords: Rashadcarter1, Carrara6Pro, psp7
Date: 09.22.2008 06:07
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Join Date: 07.31.2008
Comments: 328

I like this image, it looks like a photo with a little exceptions. I think that if someone mastered the program, then he could do realy cool things, but Cararra has some instruments which makes it easier.
09.22.2008 06:18 Offline Alexandr sashama at

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4438

It is a render, not a photograph. There are some small discrepances in the shadows cast - and the wood on the fence is too smooth. The cartway is impressive and it appears that it had rained during the night. The grass in the middle looks very real. The level of complexity of the vegetation is indeed impressive and Bryce could not handle the memory footprint, that's for sure. Impressive, the render seems a bit grainy - as if a 1600 or faster film was used for the "photography". 10 minutes on your machine would be around an hour on mine. If such a scene could be built in Bryce, the render would take a bit longer but were superior. I have top caution myself - there was some pp on this picture and I don't know how much of the grainyness was introduced there.

I agree with your excitement, Rashad. This very simple shot of a landscape that could be in many places is amazing. Pity Bryce cannot handle such abundance of vegetation directly. Thank you for showing us this example.
09.22.2008 07:26 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 09.06.2008
Comments: 138

good job
09.22.2008 10:54 Offline t_bahles tahabahles at

Join Date: 08.01.2008
Comments: 242

Great Job!!! it looks realistic and I agree with you Bryce veggies are not as good as Carra veggies and Wow 10 mins that would take me half a hour to render that in my computer and I tried Cararra 6 pro before and i didnt know anything about it so i uninstalled it the interface of carrara is kind of like Bryce but i haven't explored Carrara that much...
Well what I Really wish that Bryce 7 would be here already hehe
09.22.2008 14:27 Offline archclan arch_devol at

Join Date: 03.30.2007
Comments: 394

Wow, I like it. Very realistic. Kinda wish that was my driveway.
09.22.2008 18:17 Offline connorzelinsky connorz16 at
Render Man

Join Date: 11.10.2007
Comments: 358

I almost purchased this set up but then figured I would put my money into Vue. Rashad this looks very nice. Did you use the highest render that Carrara would offer on this scene? Very nice work.

I am not going to be posting here as much as I have been but did not want to pass by your wonderful work with Carrara.
09.22.2008 22:45 Offline Render Man alreich_4 at

Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2622

Thanks guys and gals. Nice to hear from you Renderman. I do not see any reason why you cannot post images here. Vue images are welcome as far as I know, so long as you do not abandon Bryce altogether in the process. Vue renders have been submitted on this site from the beginning. Just add a bryce element like a model or something. The best would be to continue using Bryce along with using Vue.

Anyhow this render is not really mine, I did no do anything except open the scene file and press render. A little post work but at this point it is all the work of Howie. I am not even close to this level in any program.

In fact I would say please bring in a Vue image here and there because I am curous about Vue. I own Carrara but there is no law against owning Vue also. I was only drawn to Carrara because of the Daz affiliation to Bryce. before Daz bought it I had never even heard of Carara! I want to see Bryce developed further so I felt obligated to feed money into Daz in hopes it one day benefits Bryce. Who knows?
09.22.2008 22:59 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at

Join Date: 04.15.2004
Comments: 1097

I was going to press the vote 5 and 5 again... but then I read it is not your render. Of course this shouldn't disappoint you, Rashad, I'm sure it doesn't :) Now that you have this scene and know how it was built and lit, it could become more then just a training or comparing solution for your future upcoming images. It could be the flexible tool to develop impressive nature scenery that you seem very fond of. I'm anxious to see a Nature carrara work of yours!
09.27.2008 10:33 Offline richter richter at
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