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18.05.2024, 14:02

Google ADs below

Digital Engineering
Digital Engineering


Digital Engineering
Description: The mechanical concept is crawling my backbone again. This is one of my ideas... I can't put much of a description, sometimes it is better for the viewer himself to make a guess or an interpretation of what's in front :) Have a good time anyway. You see it all, fairly simple, but then again, hopefully effective. My goal was to play with the colors/textures and make the render less "bryce"-ish. On the technical side - modeling/uvs in maya, textures handdrawn in PS, orange spheres rendered with a cel-shading outfit and a diamond mat coat on top (diamond objs are 0.03 br. units bigger). This way I get both toon specularity and "real" 3d specularity. Postwork in PS.
Added by: richter
Keywords: digital, engineering, richter, cel, shading, core
Date: 09.09.2008 21:08
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Downloads: 207
Rating: 5.00 (5 Vote(s))
File size: 384.8 KB
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Join Date: 08.01.2008
Comments: 43

The distance blur is quite effective, it creates depth without making the objects look like miniatures. Lighting is very well thought out and your softened reflections complete the scene. Overall, a very fine piece of art.
09.09.2008 22:12 Offline ecurbsemaj bbeilhar at

Join Date: 03.30.2007
Comments: 394

That would be a brilliant advertisement for a company (or school of digital engineering). When I first saw the thumbnail it reminding me of Metroid Prime when you are rolled up in a ball. Obviously that is not what it is. Kinda looks like there is a T.V. monitor on the large sphere/ orb. Communication device? Nicely done. I love it.
09.09.2008 23:09 Offline connorzelinsky connorz16 at

Join Date: 08.01.2008
Comments: 242

Wow Great work at first when i look at it its like a Flash template for a flash website and it makes a great wallpaper too and I agree also with connor... so how long did it take you to render this??
09.10.2008 03:19 Offline archclan arch_devol at

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4721

Your works are innovative, creative and inspiring. This is an ad for your artwork. 5/5.
09.10.2008 18:05 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2610

You utilize dof more than anyone else I know. This is one aspect that really levels up many of your scenes, as it allows you to enter our minds and force us to concentrate on what you want us to see. Lovely colors, very well chosen. The cell shading gives way to a more 3d impression, the 2d-3d combo is most effective. It makes me think of "Imperfect", if I am remembering the name, it is one of your first dof experiments and it went very well indeed. A very professional looking piece in no way indicative of Bryce! 5/5 naturally!
09.10.2008 19:52 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at
Render Man

Join Date: 11.10.2007
Comments: 358

I find this to be inspiring and makes me what to pay more attention to detail and technique. This is very well done and has a sharp clean look about it.
09.11.2008 02:30 Offline Render Man alreich_4 at

Join Date: 12.21.2006
Comments: 667

wow richter thats very cool, I love the detail. Textures and lighting are a top notch.
5/5 for sure
09.11.2008 04:26 Offline gat brshkv at

Join Date: 05.07.2004
Comments: 242

This is wonderful. All of the shapes are so interesting, it's hard to look away. The DOF is a really pleasing effect, too.

Have you submitted this to DAZ yet? It could be a promo for Bryce 6.
09.11.2008 04:37 Offline LitoNico LitoNico at

Join Date: 04.15.2004
Comments: 1092

Kind words, guys, thank you all very much!

@ Bruce - The soft reflections of the ground plane come from the material rather then the Premium render option. It's one of David's called Frosted Mirror though I modified it a bit. The lighting is the sun only, the material on the orange spheres plus the diamond coat distribute the ligthting nicely.

@ Connor - now that I read "T.V. monitor", it does actually look like one of those old school monitors with monochrome/sepia displays. Strange... :)

@ Archclan - On my machine (Athl X2 4200+) with this same resolution and 256 r/pixel took 1h 45mins.

@ Horo - Thanks, Horo ;) I'm beginning to feel embarassed :)

@ Rashad - So you remember the "imperfect" entry, thanks. It bears a similarity with the current img, yes, and I'm glad that no one complained about a strong DOF, I had my invisible worries you see. Now they're gone :)

@ Render Man - I'm always happy to encourage and inspire a fellow artist. It's good to know that you're one of them.

@ Gat - thanks for the remarks, glad you liked it. Also, I'm feeling somehow privileged to see that exactly your "666" comment was placed for my entry ];)

@ LitoNico - long time no see, LitoNico. Thanks a ton for the nice words. I hope to see some artwork of yours in the near future here. You gave me a good idea btw, I just sent a couple of my pix to daz, this one included. See you around.
09.12.2008 09:43 Offline richter richter at

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