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retirement home, the other half of the new stuff
retirement home, the other half of the new stuff
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21.02.2019, 04:21

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Campus Crossing in Spring
Campus Crossing in Spring


Campus Crossing in Spring
Description: This scene is essentailly incomplete. I have no option but to post it now because it will not save any further changes so all I have is the finished render. I loaded the humans into the scene numerous times only to find that it would not save the file with the people included. Something about adding them explodes the memory. I even used the same skin textures for all the women so they share the same image in the image editor to avoid multiple copies. The terrians are the problem. The memory is maximized by the high resolution terrains used for the grass. There are about 6 terrains at 2048. Very detailed grass leads to high polygon counts but I must say I am happy with the result. My original intent was to have a bunch of different characters all doing different things but that idea has to be scrapped. Oh well.

Lighting is provided by a cluster of radials for soft shadow sunlight. My special skylight hdri that I use for all my recent projects, and a cluster of about 40 radials established in a net of lights as the bounce factor inbetween the buildings and other ground level objects. This network of lights is similar to the random cluster idea used for the Gi method but in this case there is no randomness just numeric equality in distancing. The effect is the same as the random cluster just easier for me to handle when editing individual lights. The sun is meant to feel very hot and bright. Humans are never easy to make look active so hopefully the walking rhythm will help with that. There are a number of tweaks I would normally make on the lighting but with the memory as it I feel I should not take too many risks with editing.

Buildings modeled in Truespace. Trees are Bryce made. Grass is Bryce. Characters are all V4.2. There would have been some male characters if memory would have allowed. Tulips downloaded from or or one of them, I can never remember anymore.

Feedback is appreciated. Thanks all for your time.
Added by: rashadcarter1
Keywords: Rashadcarter1, bryce6.1, psp7, truespace
Date: 08.12.2008 19:33
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Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4478

Now the poses of the girls is very nice, looking very real - adolescents, I take it. Building and walkway are nice and what we see from the trees, they are also very good indeed. I like the memorial with the tulips around - really very good. The grass is good, too, but obviously the show stopper for continuing with this scene.

Have you ever thought of replacing the grass by green squares and render this along with a mask. Then redo the scene without the girls but include the grass this time. Then combine in a graphics app. You'll need the tulips and both trees, too, because of the shadows they cast on the grass.

The lighting is good though I think walkway and building could be a bit brighter. I also think there is a bit much of haze, looking at the far building - which appears to be the same as the one up front. It's the stairways that gives it away. Otherwise, we could think it is the same style of building, but not the same building.

Overall, this is a great piece of work and the angle of view superbly chosen.
08.12.2008 20:06 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at
Render Man

Join Date: 11.10.2007
Comments: 358

As you know most of the time when you have one of these gals in the scene I always comment on the skin. But I do not see those dark grainy spots in this set up. The shadows look good and the grass looks very nice. It is a little tall if you match it up with the ladies shoes.

But overall the light radials did a real great job on the lighting and the shadows. Great work on the buildings and the textures. You never did tell me how you textured those plants in the scene before this one.
08.12.2008 23:25 Offline Render Man alreich_4 at

Join Date: 07.02.2005
Comments: 1010

I just can't get over your architecture. It's fantastic!!! And such a perfect sidewalk! You'll never see one that clean in NYC. LOL

Great image!!!! I can't wait to see it finished!
08.13.2008 14:21 Offline spektyr spektyr at

Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2622

Thanks for the terrific feedback.


Thank you very much! You devil you know exactly what to comment on. Surely I also considered that the sidewalk should have been brighter. I darkened it slightly at the very last minute. I got scared that the brightness would have been too much. No guts I tell you. I am glad to hear that you miss the brightness it means my initial instinct was correct and I should have stuck with it. As far as the rendering in parts that is a great idea and would be the only way to add any additional elements to the scene. I think I will leave this one as is for now but if this happens again with the memory in some other scene I will need to use your strategy.


Thanks to you also. I see what you mean. Honestly I am not crazy about the skin in this scene, it seems a little lifeless. In this case I did not use a high resolution texture and I did not use any bump at all on the skin. I have learned that the bump setting in Bryce can be camera dependent. For close-ups like Ramon or Carlos I used bump of at least 20 and it looked great. Funny thing is that same setting looks like aggressive grainy skin on Victoria in the Studio apartment scene because she is far from the camera. Due to the function of the standard Anti-Alias in the render engine, the bump setting of distant objects is inaccurately translated by the minimum size of a pixel. The result is that with Standard AA you get these aggressive grains and quality issues. Ideally a bump setting should not need to be adjusted due to distance from the camera. But for now it is an important consideration on something subtle like human skin where the lack of render quality becomes obvious when characters are far away. The plants in the Patio scene were indeed textured with high resolution scans of real leaves. Yes this is an example of what I was discussing with you about using real life photo refernces for organic materals like leaves, skin, or even Brick. A real photo scanned on a flatbed scanner will be evenly lit more than a digital camera can offer and at a higher resolution that a digital camera can produce. The more consistent the light from edge to edge with the fewest directional shadows and the higher the resolution the more flexible the image texture will be. It's like making an audio recording in a studio with controlled inputs and no added noise. Total control.


Thanks so much dude, that means alot!! I am not a modeler compared to what I should be capable of by now. I think that models inspire us. So every once in a while I try to model something great in Truespace or Maya to see if it stirs something in Bryce. So the TrueSpace program really comes in handy for me. Sadly, this is the finished product as incomplete as it is. I am having problems saving the file. Rather than to go crazy I will wait because I know many bug fixes are on the way for Bryce, so I am hoping the bug if it is a bug and not just my lack of memory will be remedied. Either way there is a chance I can get around this in the future.

You guys are good to me and I really appreciate that! More renders to come.
08.15.2008 19:05 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at
Render Man

Join Date: 11.10.2007
Comments: 358

I do have a scanner but do not use it much I will have to check out the resolution. Is there a limit for resolution. Sometimes to much is not always better. I have been taking pictures of rocks and mesas at the highest setting my camera will go and have been making some rock textures and have been using them in Vue.

Your leaves for the trees and plants look outstanding in Bryce using the your scanner method.

Thanks for the explanation by using the noise in recording sound as this is something I can relate to. I understand the principle but there are just some things that will not fit in a scanner so I would like to get a nicer camera someday when become rich and famous. Ha
08.15.2008 21:45 Offline Render Man alreich_4 at
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