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Toon Anemone
Toon Anemone
Comments: 6

19.05.2019, 12:32

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Azathoth returns
Azathoth returns


Azathoth returns
Description: Another simple abstract setup. Again, no actual light source, just the bryce sky as a background trapped inside a transparent reflective sphere, with another sphere wrapped around it filled with dark stringy smoke and right in front of the camera, a torus that is half visible and half transparent. Rendered in about 12 minutes. The aim mostly to try and squeeze something out of Bryce that did not have any of the usual Bryce signatures.
Added by: davidbrinnen
Keywords: davidbrinnen, bryce6.1, abstract, azathoth, fire
Date: 04.15.2008 21:39
Hits: 2571
Downloads: 76
Rating: 5.00 (1 Vote(s))
File size: 227.6 KB
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Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2622

What I like most about these abstracts you are creating is the searing heat coming off of the bright areas. You keep these razor thin hot spots in a stringy fashion and it is very effective. The eye likes to follow the lines and curves of the bright white. Makes me think of fiber optics.

Indeed it does not have a bryce "look" about it. That is of course until I consider the smoke. It feels a touch like a procedural. Those of us familiar enough with Bryce will likely always recognize a procedural. I think that if you applied a photo image of smoke or cloud it might not give itself away as a Bryce render. Though truly you are a master at procedurals and could surely whip up a more variant procedural that no one would recognize. Abstract is not at all my field of experience so please accept my criticsm in laymans terms.

The colors are very pleasing. The image is simple and random and in a way that is very natural feeling. I like your abstracts because you seem to understand that even an abstract image needs a focus of some sort. Nice work, especially for Bryce!

One last thing. I have been observing it in a few of my own scenes and I observe it here also. In the way of AA sometimes I feel that curves are not as smooth as they could be. I am not sure if it is a quality loss issue brought on by the new faster render engine Bryce has received in the pc version of B6. It must be faster because of taking shortcuts of some sort but who knows which shortcuts? I know that fewer light rays are used but I do not know how AA is effected. I have become increasingly suspicious that there is an effect on quality even though they said there would not be one. It might also be due to jpg compression prior to upload. I am not sure what quality settings you use as not everyone likes to crank the jpg quality to 100%. Seems to me like you have plenty of file size head room to compress it at a higher quality. Also, another option is to skip the jpg altogether. I found out on the Daz forums that .png can be a very effective format. I like it mostly because it retains 100% of the color pixel information in the original render and it is a format supported by this website for uploading. png will look exactly like the original bmp where as a jpg will lose at least 30% of its unique color information no matter how high you set the quality in irfanview. PNG file sizes do not compress the image as much as jpg file sizes but with good reason as it compresses without color loss.
04.16.2008 02:47 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4481

Very interesting result. There are many different things that could be interpreted into this one. Pipes, fountain, a burning swamp. It appears as if the bright lines are reflections from the hazy horizon. I like this one very much. An abstract without the look of pure randomness, something one usually get if a lot of flat and curved mirrors are used.
04.16.2008 06:25 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 07.02.2005
Comments: 1010

Very pleasing color and form. I get a warm fzzy feeling from this one. Good job!!!
04.16.2008 16:22 Offline spektyr spektyr at

Join Date: 01.03.2004
Comments: 2227

Thanks! I'm pleased you like it, but I'm still undecided myself about abstract artwork. I don't know if it feels right to like it. Always there is a degree of the viewer projecting themselves into the work, that is inevitable, but in the case of abstract, is it not more like showing people inkblots? We see what we want to see. Horo - pipes, fountains or a burning swamp - has a good imagination and this is stimulated by a "mostly" random image, but otherwise, someone with less imagination might be left uninspired and incapable of interpreting what they are looking at. Where as, in the case of say, attempting a photorealistic result, imaginative or not, almost anyone could express an oppinion as to the sucess of a particular piece. In this case, I'm mostly concerned with "qualities" of light/colour. Probably the result of too many hours in front of a CRT, I've started wondering about obscure things, instead of sensible things like, can I make a cup of tea in bryce look like a cup of tea. Which at least would be a measureable project. Only it concerns me that understanding and appreciating abstract artwork is something altogether too subjective to have anything like a meaningful discussion about. To contrast, for example, Horo's and Rashad's many technical discussion on the way lighting works - or doesn't - sometimes, to me seems to more "sound". Or is that my own predudice for evidance based oppinion over faith based oppinion? See Spekty, I am trying to come to terms with abstracts?

Rashad, you got me bang to rights with the procedural smoke... I should have considered that.

And yes, the steps in the AA. A contentious issue. This has been pondered over at length by myself and a few other malcontents before, and as near as I can recall, the verdict was that this is as bad as it has always been - BUT - it should have been fixed before now.
04.18.2008 08:21 Offline davidbrinnen mail at

Join Date: 04.15.2004
Comments: 1097

I agree, David, it Is a subjective matter for anyone to appreciate an abstract piece and rate it, even. I say not only the viewer has this degree of "self-projection" but more so the artist, the creator of the image. For me, as for most people I guess, the abstract imagery reveal the art in the play of various shapes and colors that have to attract the viewer with their overall nuance composition; it's like music for the senses - all the instuments (colours, shades, strokes, forms) are equally needed for the "song" to feel completed. Here I believe this "song" becomes subjective because of our "instruments" and because of how skilled we are to be able to play.

I can tell you that right now we're "singing" along in the same octave. I really like what I see! Rashad is right about the heat, but not only the heat - any other colour chosen, no matter if it is the "Twisted shrine" images, the "Dream Cycle" or the "Blue Void" tutorial images, or even this last return of Azathoth, you want us to feel it hot, chilly or just put a smile on our faces :) You sense the color the right way in my opinion. And this image proves it at 100%. One more fiver in the collection of abstracts! Cheers, mate!
04.19.2008 09:41 Offline richter richter at
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