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eat or paint?..
eat or paint?..
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21.02.2019, 10:16

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Freshwater Friends
Freshwater Friends


Freshwater Friends
Description: Lit via IBl and a sunlight made from a dome of 80 radials for soft shadows. I used bump height -999, maximum numerical bump allowed along with very bright sunlight to create the caustic shadows from the water surface. Red Leopard Fish were modeled in Bryce with metaballs. The mapping of the spots is not so smooth in some places but it is forgivable. Plants and discus were downloaded from 3d cafe or turbosquid, I can no longer remember. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks for your time.
Added by: rashadcarter1
Keywords: Rashadcarter1, bryce6.1, psp7
Date: 03.21.2008 17:22
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Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4478

I like it. Water and surface are very nice. Great work on that leopard fisheses - the texture, while nice, creates interfering patterns with this resolution, most obvious on the tail of the nearest fish. Plants look very good, the picture is nicely composed. The rocks are angular and a gve away that they were created in Bryce. Stones in water usually loose their angularity after a while. The hollow tree trunk is excellent, very nice bark material. Though I like your lighting, I'm not very sure we would get such shadows in reality. But I think we should let Caperh be the final judge of this - if he is a scuba diver, as I think. Nevertheless, this is an excellent piece of art, one of which you can be proud of.
03.21.2008 18:15 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 03.13.2007
Comments: 16

Great work my friend! I like it, good job, Great job on the leopard fishes
03.21.2008 22:22 Offline kounelos kounelos75 at
Render Man

Join Date: 11.10.2007
Comments: 358

Great underwater scene. I have never tried to make anything out of metaballs and not sure I would want to attempt it. The Leopard fish look great. I see you are still using your radial lights something I have not attempted yet but have been following your topic at Bryce Talk.

I think the one thing this picture needs is some debris or moss on the rocks or maybe a few air bubbles. But really not sure.
03.22.2008 00:22 Offline Render Man alreich_4 at

Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2622

Thanks guys. Renderman, I did use 80 lights as sunlight for this scene but it was not necessary. I have in the past found that caustic shadows from water surfaces seem to soften on their own. I just went the extra step because I wanted the tree trunk to cast soft shadows. Bubbles would be nice, I did consider them but was perhaps too lazy in the end. The bubbles would have been a nice contrast like jewels floating to the surface.

Thanks for reading my topic at Daz3d by the way. It was meant to be a discussion but not many bites so far.

Horo, you have a way of reading my mind from afar. I too was unsure what direction to go in with the shadows. I first rendered the scene with much brighter shadows, I figured that the muck floating around in the water would help distribute the light similarly to the way clouds scatter sunlight. But then I considered that this was shallow clean freshwater, so perhaps the light had not spread very evenly at this depth, hence the deepr shadows. I too am very curious what Caperh will say on the subject.
03.22.2008 00:39 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at

Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2622

I think you are right about there being something missing Renderman. I should have added a bit of streaming light rays to give the water a sense of weight. It also makes clearer sense of the caustics as the light rays look like caustic extensions from surface to the basin floor.
03.22.2008 04:54 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at

Join Date: 04.15.2004
Comments: 1097

Everything I read here makes a good sense. Now, Rashad, don't let some final touches on the work to be undone. You know what you're doing and the way you picked the types of fiches, plants and made the distance foggy/unclear speaks for itself. Lazyness is most probably my enemy number 1 nowadays, but I fight back :) once it 'tangles me. Bubbles would be great. It's a lot easier with the multi-replica tool to create some various sizes of them bubbles. Your lighting is good, but it could use some more pronounced color tint - bluish, yelloish, greenish. Now that you have the processing power you can afford also to put a heavy load of plankton and/or other grits and flowing pieces of plants. Lastly, I'm not sure if it is "wrong" but it seems to me that you are trying to expose the metaball fish as much as possible to the viewer. It's like I'm looking in aquarium species presented at exhibition. I don't get the feeling of natural freshwater habitat where things tend to appear a bit more natural, where not everything is seen and the possibility to observe that much of fish concentration at one place is taken down to minimum. These are only harmless thoughts of mine, not a criticism. Oh, and I'd love to see some streaming lightrays.
03.22.2008 14:24 Offline richter richter at

Join Date: 01.03.2004
Comments: 2227

A challenging subject indeed. I'm particularly impressed with the underside of the water surface, I've found that very difficult to get right myself and it's one where it's even tricky to find a starting point when faced with the problem. For me your work is worth five for the water effect. Good choice of haze colour too - seems very natural. Metaball fish! My goodness, hat off to you! That is really doing things the hard way I think. Very clever piece of modeling. Other comments already given seem reasonable. The thing that leapt out at me, and Horo has already mentioned is the angular shadows on the rocks. It's a bit of shame that the level of mesh on the rock is not user definable, since the random rocks are so handy but sadly flawed. Good choice of materials, even the sand looks good, which again, is something that I've had troubles with myself. So full marks from me, even if there are some issues. If you could get the sun somewhere into the "sky" then streaming light would certainly spice things up a bit.
03.22.2008 21:12 Offline davidbrinnen mail at
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