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23.07.2019, 22:02

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Description: Though this is just a name, it is an ill ditch indeed. I made an HDRI at that spot with the sun covered by the Bhutan bridge spanning the ditch. I also made a 14'400 x 3'200 pixel cylindrical panorama using Realviz Stitcher - unfortunately not exactly from the position the mirror ball was.

I wanted to use the light probe as background and put some boulders in front of the Bryce camera which I modelled in Wings3D and got a modified material by David. The flowers are from the library, the petals and leaves got some transparency. This well focused foreground looked strange with the blurred background from the HDRI so I mapped the panorama (as 7'200 x 2'600 pixel) inside of an opened cylinder with 13 Diffusion and 67% Transparency and attempted to match panorama with HDRI. This could only be accomplished for either the near or the far part of the landscape so I decided to match the bridge. Now, fore- and background are both well focused and the scene is lit exclusively by the HDRI.

The mirror ball shows the extent of the cylinder. Considering that I laboured 24 hours to get a light probe and a panorama, the predicted render time of 39 hours looked good enough, however, 87 hours were needed at 128 lights, 9.5 Intensity and 100 HDRI-Effect with soft shadows and 64 rays. A bit expensive for just an experiment, also the footprint of the source file is quite high with 96 MB.
Added by: Horo
Keywords: illgraben, hdri, panorama, cylindrical
Date: 07.19.2007 18:31
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tina gazcon

Join Date: 08.07.2006
Comments: 254

This is beautiful. Did you use a real pic of the mountains? I like the mirror ball look in this scene. The flowers look a little plastic though. Nice job Horo : )
07.19.2007 18:36 Offline tina gazcon pecasg62 at

Join Date: 05.18.2007
Comments: 130

Wow. 87 hours though? That's a lot. Looks very nice though.
07.19.2007 19:55 Offline icecreamman jtemple032 at

Join Date: 12.21.2006
Comments: 667

lol I give 5/5 just for the 87 hour render time.
I don't see any shadows around the rocks, very strange, also the light probe is reflecting another reflective surface, is that true? And is that haze and color transition in the sky because of the time difference in the taking of high resolution photons and then re compositing them for the HDRI?
07.20.2007 01:45 Offline gat brshkv at

Join Date: 04.15.2004
Comments: 1097

The thing I like the most in this image is the material for the rocks in front. Very detailed and bumpy. Is it a procedural? Proc. or photo - doesn't matter, it fits great on those rocks. I think the rocks might need some variation in size and form. Although it is apparent that you rotated some of them, it is a good thing to have a few more unique rocks considering they are the most obvious and nearest thing in scene. As Gat I too miss some shadowing under the rocks, but that isn't so much noticable and it's easy to fix. Horo, you said this image is still an experiment :) so it figures what's a shiny ball doing in your work..test purposes maybe? I'm also thinking if it is necessary to always render an image that big. In your case you could add something more there and render it again (my God..87h?!), or you can make it 800x520 and it will be 100% match of a photo.
07.20.2007 11:09 Offline richter richter at

Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2622

Of course it's amazing. The lighting is awesome. The fov is close to right but somehow not quite right. The material for the stones is the right direction, but perhaps a more subtle bump setting would do, not such deep bumps. The plants look great, I wonder what mode of transparency you used? If it was leaf template 1 it worked very well. The stones appear to be floating, you may need to add a terrain to fill in the "bottom" of the cylinder. Excellent choice of a real life situation. Colorful and astounding!
07.20.2007 16:43 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at

Join Date: 01.03.2004
Comments: 2227

The layering of the photo image with the background hdr gives a most uncanny 3D effect and makes the scene look hyperreal. The lighting is superb and fits (as you would hope) very well with the background. The stones are a bit of a harsh contrast with the fine detail of the backgrond - from an astetic perspective I think this unbalances the images somewhat. The flowers are good choices both in terms of colour and position and I have no objection to the reflecive sphere - dispite it's incongruity. The top of the rocks look better than the sides, the bump seems a bit too heavy, like the rocks themselves. Still, that being said, it's an excellent image and well diserving of it's 5/5.
07.21.2007 09:47 Offline davidbrinnen mail at

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4493
But its flawed!

Thanks for your comments. This experiment may look nice, I am completely disappointed because I could not blend a photographic cylindrical panorama to match the light probe photographer at the same spot.

Tina - yes, the countryside is a photograph. There should be only one peak in the middle and only one slope each left and right. That's the matching flaw.

Gat - Bryce uses linear tone-mapping for the hdri rendered in the background. This is cheap. In the mirror ball, the hdri is shown above and below, in the middle the cylinder with the hi-res panorama. The difference in colour is obvious.

Richter - there are four separately made boulders, they look a bit similar, I agree. There is a terrain (mounds) below the boulders with the same material which is indeed a procedural. I agree that bump isl too prominent at 998.

Rashad - The Diffuse and Ambient channel are set to red, for bump and transparency I used the texture Leopard that can be found in the texture library under bump. I changed frequency and use only bump and transparency (10).

David - yes, even if the panorama cannot be fitted correctly to the light probe, the light is correct. The panorama cylinder is 2/3 tranparent and the light from the probe shines nicely through it while we get the impression of a well focused hi-res hdri. Perhaps this could still be a useful scheme if the hdri were specular convolved with a relatively high Phong exponent and the panorama set with just a bit less transparency to cover its matching flaws.

Shadows - I didn't expect to see any. The boulders get the shadow from the bridge above. The hdri - as can be seen on the mirror ball, the sun is just behind the bridge. No sunlight, no shadows. I measured the light intensities of the light probe and there is much more light reflected from the ground than comes down from the hidden sun. The boulders have 5% reflection and are actually lit by the ground to match the colour.
07.21.2007 18:21 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 02.24.2008
Comments: 1
rocks colors

the image itself is great but the one thing I noticed was the textures and coloring of your rocks which don't blend in well with the color of your background/ground colors...Other than that it looks great...
03.02.2008 01:49 Offline mlaforce
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