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Airbus A380
Airbus A380
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31.05.2020, 02:52

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B-25 Stiletto
B-25 Stiletto


B-25 Stiletto
Description: This one's for Tina because she liked my first one so much. ;-)

I said I was going to do a modification on the B-24 and wound up doing a whole new design. I actually like this one a lot better. I gave it a curved windshield and internal engines. It looks much more believable than the B-24 and a lot more deadly. ;-)

I used TG_Probe03.hdr for this one available at the same site as the last one:

I reduced the reflection on the hull material and lightened the color a bit. I like the way the light shines off the windshield. I tweaked the contrail material a bit too.
Added by: spektyr
Keywords: IBL, Bryce, 6.1, Carrara, Aircraft, Bomber, 3D, Model, Spektyr
Date: 06.26.2007 03:16
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File size: 384.8 KB
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Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4542

Superior design, I do like the windscreen. It might be deadlier than tge B-24 but it is certainly slower. Though I truly like the 3D-ishness of the wings and body, this would cause a hell of a drag if flying fast through a thick atmosphere. The military look of the material fits very well. The colour of the engines exhaust looks a bit odd. Good work, particularly the model.
06.26.2007 05:39 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 12.21.2006
Comments: 667

yeh, the shape of this is better, more detailed. nice job, but maybe consider re texturing it?
06.26.2007 06:06 Offline gat brshkv at
tina gazcon

Join Date: 08.07.2006
Comments: 254

Ok I am inspired. Love the colors. Love the lighting. Love the shapes. Love the whole thing. What more can I say? Oh, thanks for being so nice with your comments. I know how the world can be a drag. Been there done that. Your not alone if that is any consolation. Hang in there, and keep up the beautiful works ok!
06.26.2007 12:37 Offline tina gazcon pecasg62 at

Join Date: 05.18.2007
Comments: 130

Wow. You're getting better at the modeling thing aren't you? Nice job.
06.26.2007 17:45 Offline icecreamman jtemple032 at

Join Date: 07.02.2005
Comments: 1010


Thank you!

I don't know. The B-24 may not be that fast with the engines mounted below the fuselage. I still want to do a modification that will bring them up into the wings and improve the implied aerodynamics.

Of course neither one of the planes can actually fly well the way they are depicted. This one has the wings mounted too far back. Both planes have no rudders and ailerons so they'd be impossible to control. I posted them only because they look good. ;-)

I'll get more into technically correct details in time. Right now I'm just having a load of fun turning my visions into visible objects and it's all mostly for the learning process.


Thank you! I wanted an internal engine design and really put some work into this one. I really like the way the intakes came out. ;-)

I do have the bump level a tad too high. I may also do a rendering with full smoothing. I've tested it and it makes for an interesting effect.


As always I thank you for your compliments and I'm happy you are pleased with my work. The appreciation that everyone here shows me is a major ingredient in what drives me to continue.

I also appreciate your understanding about my situation. Never fear. I'm never giving up. Nothing that is truly worth having ever comes easy so my accomplishments have tremendous value to me and make the adversity worth enduring. There's also that old saying, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." It's definitely true.


Thank you for the compliment! The more I work the better I get with the vertex modeler. I can model practically anything with numerical precision. All it takes is time, patience and a vision. It will be interesting to see what my imagination comes up with in the days ahead. ;-)
06.27.2007 03:22 Offline spektyr spektyr at

Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2622

All has been said. Ditto on the modelling work!
06.27.2007 05:16 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at

Join Date: 04.15.2004
Comments: 1097

I am really impatient too for what will come next. You're getting better and better, Spektyr. No matter what's real/unreal like an engine or aircraft, your model is good enough at representing its author's visions and will to improve. I agree with Gat about the re-texturing issue, but the modeling is as much of importance as the texturing. You keep workin on that and everything will come to place in time!
06.27.2007 10:41 Offline richter richter at

Join Date: 01.03.2004
Comments: 2227

If you wanted to be really clever you could try your hand at UV mapping... and then even better... explain to us how it's done! Interesting, I look forwards to seeing where this is leading. Once again, I'm impressed with the lighting on the vapour trails - I think maybe that once again the material on the craft itself is not getting the full advantage of the IBL - but without being there, it's not easy to tell.
06.27.2007 21:52 Offline davidbrinnen mail at

Join Date: 07.02.2005
Comments: 1010

Wow! Forget my brain being the size of a planet. If I get many more reviews like this my whole head will be the size of Jupiter! I'll have to put a Wide Load on my back! LOL

Thank you so much, my friends! I'm truly gratified by your responses and I find your advice most valuable.

"If you wanted to be really clever you could try your hand at UV mapping... and then even better... explain to us how it's done!"

That sounds like a plan, David! I'm going to take a bit of a break to read my Carrara 5 Pro Handbook and look into features like UV mapping. These models need decals. ;-)

And I most certainly will post details on how it's done when I've achieved an acceptable level of expertise with it.
06.28.2007 13:22 Offline spektyr spektyr at
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