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Payam Tavakoli

21.02.2024, 11:37

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Sentinel 1
Sentinel 1


Sentinel 1
Description: This is the first node of a planetary defense grid. Its designation is Sentinel 1. It exhibits the newest design modifications to the Borg Killer Command Node and features 12 of the new MK2 Torpedoes. The MK2s are essentially MK1s with impulse drive engines in the aft section for low speed maneuvering and fast trajectory changes. The addition of a molecular disperser in the nose allow it to almost instantaneously 'drill' its way into the target thus reducing impact force and speeding penetration time to just a few nanoseconds at warp speeds. The Command Node itself has been equipped with Wide Angle and Telephoto Optical Imagers and an Encrypted Omni Directional Spread Spectrum Communications System.

Other devices to supplement the Sentinel Command Nodes are still in development and all info on them is classified. I can tell you that when the whole network is in place and online no known enemy of Earth will have a chance to strike at our beloved homeworld. Any who try will not live long enough to appreciate the depth of their mistake.

Regarding the non-fictional aspects of this image, I would like to thank Horo again for the suggestion to use the Universe Image Creator for the background star field. Just look at the pinpoint stars I was able to create for this image, not to mention the sprinkling of red and blue starts I added. The UIC bitmap I created is applied with transparency to a large 2D plane and used as a backdrop. I have to say that it has exceeded my expectations and really made this one of my best images to date. Just for fun I added Mars to the image. You can see it just to the right of the Command Node. Isn?t it CUTE!!!! ;-)

All comments welcome.

PS. There's a flaw in this image but I think I'll just let it slide. You won't see it unless you know what to look for. If you really want to hunt for it then compare this image with the corrected one on my new web site. Even then I think it would be very hard to find. ;-)
Added by: spektyr
Keywords: Star, Trek, Earth, Space, Satellite, Spektyr
Date: 05.12.2007 00:47
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Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2610

Yes, we are on our way to seeing the models in action! The star background is great. Perhaps you could try layering them since they are blend transparency rigged for a bit more variation in density. You can rig black transparent clouds similar to those used on a planet to create random darkness that adds an even greater sense of distance between the stars. The planet itself is on the right track though I feel perhaps the water or the sky has too much specularity and shines too much. I miss some subtle hint of an atmospheric halo around the planet also.

The bump mapping of these satelite photos can be very useful but we have to be careful because water is always a flat surface. Notice how Latin America appears to rise up from the water creating a vertical blue wall. Perhaps lowering the bump will help, or you may need to create your own map by copying and modifying the original so that the water will always remain flat and never rise with the bump height. I usuaaly do these things in a 2d app. The composition of the scene could be improved I feel if that cross shaped object were not directly within the camera view as it is now.
05.12.2007 14:48 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at

Join Date: 07.02.2005
Comments: 1010

Thank you for the compliments! They really keep me from loosing interest and urge me to continue evolving my techniques.

This is the first star field I've generated with the Universe Image Creator and it looks much more natural than the one in Bryce. It gives me a good starting point on which to develop more customized space scenes and your suggestion sounds like a good element to experiment with.

I do tend to agree with you on the specularity and bump height on the Earth mat. I used the default Bryce setting for this image and they look a bit extreme. I made the cloud sphere very tight to the planet's surface but perhaps I can add a second atmospheric sphere to give the look you mention.

if by "that cross shaped object" you mean one of the omnidirectional antenna arrays I wanted to have the entire command node shown in this image. I can adjust the positioning in future scenes and not have all of it in the image.

The final image I want to create on this theme will be titled 'Blitzkrieg' and will take me quite some time to complete. I will probably have to render it in Carrara in order to include motion blur and other special effects I want to use. I want this image to my first true masterpiece and, if I can acquire the equipment I need, I want to produce an animated clip of the battle scene the image will represent. The only problem will be the lack of sound. Maybe I can turn it into a collaborated effort once I start networking myself into the artist community. I've joined a local group here on Staten Island so I can "get my foot in the door", as they say. :-)
05.12.2007 17:58 Offline spektyr spektyr at

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4721

So they use spread spectrum - what bandwidth? The size of the omnidirectional antennae suggest that rather low carrier frequencies are used which would reduce the bandwidth. Of course, if such an advanced civilisation is using such low frequencies, this would be to fool the others who would scan a much higher one.

The star background does look good. It may be improved upon as Rashad suggested. Nevertheless, good job on this front and thanks for trying it out. The addition of Mars is very nice detail. I agree with Rashad about the specularity of Earth. As it is, it looks more like an artificial globe. Putting a suggestion of an atmosphere will need some fiddling. It isn't as easy as one might think.

I would also change the position of Sentinel slightly. The antenna rods align to a cross above the Earth and that looks irritating.
05.13.2007 14:54 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 07.02.2005
Comments: 1010

Regarding the antennas they do look a bit too retro. I'll probably scrap them and come up with something that looks more futuristic. In actuality the frequency would have to be in the terahertz range or higher to enable transfer rates fast enough to allow the overall network to 'think' effectively. Part of its operation requires tapping into the Borg collective consciousness in receive only mode so it can instantly anticipate their tactics and initiate effective countermeasures. Of course if the Borg figure this out they will try to do the same thing to us so we employ a jamming system to block their link to the collective and blast them fast. The real trick is to keep this advantage a secret from them for as long as possible while we prepare a fleet to go wipe them out once and for all.

The old imagination never quits. LOL

My work with the stars will evolve. This is my first experiment with the UIC and I was just going for a somewhat better one than Bryce would have generated. Of course we know that even within the atmosphere in darker areas the stars would be much denser with globular clusters and a cloudlike galactic plane. It's been a long time since I was out in the boondocks on a clear night. MAN I miss that!

I could have thought this scene out more and arranged it better. I admit I was too hasty to get it posted. Then again I'm really still a beginner and will get better in time, now that I really want to get serious. ;-)

Thanks for the opinions and tips! I need all I can get.
05.13.2007 16:12 Offline spektyr spektyr at

Join Date: 01.03.2004
Comments: 2224

Almost everything I'd want to say has been said - my suggestion would be to move the sun around and try to get half or more than half of the earth in shadow (which should be as black as space - except maybe for the light from big cities?) and then maybe you could toy with lenz flair... maybe... evil evil lenz flair.
05.13.2007 17:54 Offline davidbrinnen mail at

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