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My Grandmothers House
My Grandmothers House
Comments: 1

03.12.2023, 14:26

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Summer House 1
Summer House 1


Summer House 1
Description: It's been a while since I've been able to post anything. Been busy.

The house is a free model downloaded from

All of the plants are modeled by me in Maya or truespace and textured by me except for the clematis flowers downloded from The grass looks real because it is. Many thousands of blades of grass produced by combining terrain spikes with real curved grass blade models made by me.
The folige transparency trick is in full effect for realistic light interaction between the leaves and flower petals and grass blades. I think the vegetation is the most realistic part of the scene.
Due to my regular employment of transparency and my single processor computer I cannot yet combine ibl with the transparency trick. Argghh!!!!

The scene has crashed on me a few times and has even saved poorly and jumped from 150mb to 1.99gb after saving. When I try to re-open it, it will only give me a sky. Some sort of glitch is really messing this file up so I have not yet been able to fill in the background. I have earlier saved versions so all is not lost. The stones are floating but that will be fixed in the next render.

Secondary lighting to mimic GI and no ambient expression from materials anywhere in the scene. To maximize realism there are no white lights in the scene. All lights have a color bias of low saturation. Sun reddish hue, secondary lights bluish (sky influence). Stage lighting uses red and blue and very rarely true white. The reddishness is always good for bryce as it fights against the" blueness." To give the scene greater dynamics in lighting like an ibl, I applied my new favorite post effect from psp7 called fade correction. It is a wonderful filter in this case. It helps further that sense of heat from the sunlight. It makes the light look more real.

What the heck should I put in the background?
Added by: rashadcarter1
Keywords: rashadcarter1, bryce6, truespace4, maya7, psp7, transparency, foliage, flowers
Date: 03.10.2007 06:10
Hits: 4997
Downloads: 168
Rating: 5.00 (3 Vote(s))
File size: 623.9 KB
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Join Date: 12.21.2006
Comments: 667

Oh oh! Tha one 1.99Gig thing it did that too me as well at one point, and when I opened the file all it was the sky.

Nice job on the pic, the grass looks great
03.10.2007 06:28 Offline gat brshkv at

Join Date: 04.15.2004
Comments: 1092

This is one of the most convincing outdoor scenes in Bryce I've ever seen! You did a very good job with the lighting. I couldn't say how exactly the post-filter affected the img but it is really close to a digital camera shot. Your grass and plants hit the bull's eye! You could get full marks only for this. I think the source file reached to almost 2gb because of the amount of grass. Or perhaps the house is full of furniture :) we don't know about. The mats/textures everywhere in scene are excellently chosen. I especially like the one on the stones in front. I see you also took care of the possibly visible poly-edges. You say that the stones are floating. They don't look floating to me. Good going on the modeling work by the way. Pity the house is not your model. I wish it was. But it's never too late, right? The sky should remain cloudless, at least in my opinion.

Though in an Unfinished Works section, this image is worth 5/5, Rashad! If I'm forced to change anything there, that would be lowering the contrast slightly so the red, green and the yellow of the flowers isn't that striking. As for the background - I'm out of ideas. Maybe somebody else will suggest something.
03.10.2007 11:04 Offline richter richter at

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4720

I can only echo richter. This is another of your very realistic renders. You really have the knack for vegetation. You elaborated madly on the grass and it shows. However, the blades are still a bit coarse, more like herb than turf, particularly at the distance. Don't take this as offence -- you go for utmost realism, that's why I made the remark. But then, there are finer and coarser grass baldes in nature. The plants, hoverver, have reached the top level of realism. The lighting is superb, the shadows perhaps a triffle too hard.

The level of the camera suggests the spectactor is a small person, a child. This is very nice. By this perspective, the sides of the plant boxes in front of the house seem to melt into the front wall of the house. Perhaps moving the camera slightly up would help, but it may also be a trick of the angle the light shines on the scene.

The house may be the last one at the outskirt of a village in a flat countryside. Perhaps a fence running on the back side of the house could complete the picture. Other houses or even mountains may turn out not to be a good idea. Some apple trees perhaps? Though the "empty" space is very small, it was the first thing I've noticed.

The sky - don't touch it. Richter is quite right. You could only spoil it. Again like richter, I must give you a 5/5. After all, this house could stand here on this flat wide ground without fences and trees around. It's still realistic.

As a side note: yes, IBL could help in breaking up the hard, high contrast shadows. But go for 6.1 before you try it. You know, IBL in 6.0 is badly flawed.
03.10.2007 15:28 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2610
file corruption and lighting

Thanks for your positive comments. Gat, I actually remember discussing the 1.99gb issue with you on brycetalk forum. There is a 1.99gb limit to most file sizes in bryce. I learned this the hard way when my user object preset folder reached 2gb and went corrupt and I lost all my object presets except those saved in full scene files. 1.99gb is the maximum size a scene file is allowed to grow to also, at least on my system, but I'm guessing it is a standard limit for all bryce users. This particular scene file, even with the grass, was only 150mb on disc, but some sort of corruption occurs during the saving process (a very scary time for problems by the way), causing the system to copy the scene on top of itself repeatedly and indefinetly until the file grows from 150mb to the 1.99gb file size limit. I think it is because of the grass also, but not due to the number of polygons. I made sure to compress the grass blade meshes in truespace so I could have thousands of them without killing the ram with polygons. Every five blades of curved grass are one object, a small clump. The problem is that there are probably a few hundred or even a thousand of those individual clumps. In this case, I think the computer doesn't like remembering the locations and other attributes for so many grass clump objects. There are too many objects themselves, not really polygons. Lots of low poly objects. Trust me, I will be speaking with Daz about this. Thank God I did not have a client or a deadline, I'd be screwed!

Richter, thanks for noticing the hard work put into the lighting. As always, 99% of the work is done in bryce. Second sun used as the primary light source, strength 12 ( no fall off) at slightly reddish hue because sunlight is not actually white in nature!!! In fact, I have accepted that in nature a perfectly white light is impossible, or super rare. Perfectly white light requires a perfect balance of all color wavelengths, and perfection in general is not a part of reality. Colored lights are a big part of the realism. Sunlight looks more real to me in bryce when it is of a reddish hue. Secondary lights are slightly bluish at strength 1 to mimic the sunlight that has bounced in the atmosphere before striking the scene from the side angles. Red and blue light, just like on stage. Old wisdom applied to computer graphis, works every time. White light cannot compete for realism. White light looks "CG". If anything, ibl has taught me that in real world lighting there is no such thing as white light, all lights should have a slight color bias. Fade correction helps bryce renders like this one look more immediate, and add contrast dynamics. It's like the scene renders fine, but it is like a faded copy of the real thing. Bryce renders are born slighly faded. David has used psp7, I wonder what he will think.
I need to finish re-rendering a mammoth scene that was rendering while this one rendered. I want full resources the next time I edit the scene. Soon the new version will be posted.
03.10.2007 16:03 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at
tina gazcon

Join Date: 08.07.2006
Comments: 254

Very nice! I wish that it were my vacation home! Everything about this work is great. I say 5/5.
05.29.2007 23:54 Offline tina gazcon pecasg62 at

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