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Island with surf another way4
Island with surf another way4
Comments: 4

20.06.2019, 23:28

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Tropical Island Sky
Tropical Island Sky


Tropical Island Sky
Description: Another attempt at realism. There are a few techniques contributing to the over-all effect.

First is the lighting. Global Illumination is faked again by using secondaries. This scene is an outcome of the True Reality.br5 that I emailed to a few of you. In that scene the secondary lights and primary lights are tuned for easy realism. There are a couple hundred trees in this scene as well as my new eco-system workaround as I described the other day to David to cover the distant mountains.

Sky is made with multiple layers of clouds. The volumetrics alone in True Reality warrant a second look at it's content. Foliage transparency utilized to make the vegetation as realistic as possible. Total render time was under 7 hours with full volumetrics and foliage transparency. I considered staining the secondaries with a hue to mimic an ibl effect but I wanted to get feedback on this one first. Super minimal post in psp7. Hope you all like it.
Added by: rashadcarter1
Keywords: rashadcarter1, bryce5.5, psp7
Date: 11.18.2006 22:32
Hits: 55334
Downloads: 361
Rating: 1.93 (17 Vote(s))
File size: 515.6 KB
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Join Date: 01.03.2004
Comments: 2227

The distant ground cover on the right hand side looks very good indeed. Quite unlike the kind of thing I have come to expect in bryce. I thought that bit was a photograph at first. The distant stuff does not work as well, but that is possibly just down to scale. The haze I am no so keen on, seems a little heavy, the colour seems about right. Volume clouds as ever are impressive, very three dimensional, so much so they don't seem to be quite part of the sky - mainly because the bryce sky tends to be rather flat and these are anything but. Their colour is good, but possibly not in quite keeping with the rest of the image. Forground is most impressive, way too green for my tastes, but maybe that is more an artistic consideration rather than a true criticism of the realism. Composition is excellent, although I think it could benifit from some kind of focus, maybe a particularly tall tree or a rock feature to draw and hold the eye for a while. Best feature, definately the hill on the right, midground not foreground, that looks very natural. Critical point, although it seems needlessly harsh when this image is so accomplished, haze and if pushed for something to pick on, the water seems over bright and not reflecting even vaguely any of the land. Nothing significant enough to warrent me docking any points off your 5/5.
11.18.2006 23:29 Offline davidbrinnen mail at

Join Date: 11.08.2006
Comments: 14
Ah - Home Nailed !!!

Are you from New Zealand too Rashadcarter1? You have my country's look NAILED, Awesome - well done. Sorry David I must disagree about the haze & realism, with the right conditions it looks just like that here some days! And the clouds - Oh the clouds, pure magic! 5/5 (sad theres no 6)

P.S - PLEASE send me your wounderful " new eco-system workaround" secret for the mountians (I'll beg if necessary!)
11.19.2006 13:25 Offline a_rat just_a_rat at

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4488

Ah, the clouds, yes, they are beautiful. Pitty they don't fit the scene. This is a bit harsh a comment, I say this because they are - to my taste - too heavy, looking almost as growing to cumulus nimbus because of their dark underside. With such dark underside, the sky should have more packed clouds. As they are, it should be less dark, I think then they were perfect.

I like the haze. This must be a humid place which is seconded by the richly green vegetation (I constantly disagree with David about the green) which is really very beautiful. The middle ground at right is exceptional, the far ground less so, the material on island in the distance is nicely covered by the haze.

The water seems too bright. It may be natural with all those clouds reflecting on it, but I associate such tropical scenes with a deep blue sea.

I voluntarly give you a fiver because fore- and midleground are exceptional. Maybe a focus is missing. I see this as one of the few untouched places in the world (or elsewhere) and I like it just because of it. The focus is the beauty of the landscape.
11.19.2006 17:16 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2622

Thank you all so much. There's alot to address so I'll get to it. This image was the realization of that dream I had long ago of trully creating and island in bryce. This image is only possible because of True Reality.br5. Funny a_rat, as I have been to New Zealand. I once traveled through Australia and New Zealand as a teenager and it was so beautiful and may indeed have set up my expectations about what ans island would look like. You have possibly read my subconscious mind for me. Thanks. Perhaps the Mauri tribes (I may have spelled it wrong, it's been a while) will greet the Europeans in New World. A totem pole sort of structure would go nicely in that scene. Anyhow...

The volumetric clouds are possible only if you have a Universal Scaler like that in True Reality.br5. Perspective and stacking is the key. looking up at them helps so much and is the secret to all cloud issues sky lab or otherwise, so getting them far enough away and up high enough requires more space than the usual playing space of 99999x999999 allows you, large as it seems. With the Universal Scaler your playing space is 99999x10 in every direction, a 10 fold increase in playing space. It opens the door to creating clouds that really are as high as the real ones in nature through relative scaling.

The water does not pick up reflections in this case due to our angle of view. It is the same water as in New World, Amazon River, Afternoon By the Pool, all the same. You will see these scenes have very reflective water. There is no need to assign reflection as such with this water mat because it is automatic with transparent refracting materials. I think the water looks very "wet" in New world and Afternoon, a testament to leaving the specularity to do the hard work and not reflection, as reflections occur naturally somehow. I think that what people miss is the waving of the water, something I kept to a minimum. A higher bump would reflect some light toward us. I just felt that it would violate the sense of scale. From this distance at this height it seemed to me there would be no visible waves.

The volumetrics don't respond to the haze field!!! It is an odd thing that has both benefits and drawbacks. Benefit, clouds can be far apart and appearto be close together as the haze does not indicate the distance between them. This is how I create the illusion of great complexity in a cloud when viewed from below. Many clouds that dont really touch but look like they do. Drawback, no matter how close or far from the camera the clouds come through at full clarity with no interaction with the haze field making the far away clouds seem too close to the viewer. To blend the volumetrics into the sky around them the base density of the volumetrics must be lowered and ambient raised and diffusion lowered to give the impression of distance. I did it with the volumetrics over the distant island and they alomost look like skylab clouds.

Eco system work around was described in detail in the comments from David's most recent Unfinished Ravine submission. The technique needs further develoment, but the idea is indeed solid and ready for experimentation. It will be a welcom tutorial someday soon. I cheated and you guys have properly noted me for it. The far background was topped with spikes, and not with my ecosys workaround. I could have used it I just got a bit lazy, as the number of trees in the foreground is astounding, as many of them wind up not being visible, but their presence is somehow felt. Even with spikes the background vegetation could have been better, I just gave up a bit too soon.
11.19.2006 23:04 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at

Join Date: 04.15.2004
Comments: 1097
go on

After all that's been said I have a big chance to repeat someone's words :) Excellent Eco-sys. Yes, it does look that way. Quite a number of trees, I wonder how much memory is used. Impressive, Rashad! The foreground is as good as a Vue render. Those trees are a true- beauty and "-reality.br5". The hill on the right has an extremelly natural look. As an over-all effect it's really worth more then 5/5. While I'm writing you this, you are probably already rendering the next vers. Now with the friendly criticism :) Clouds seem good, but not good enough to fit the bryce sky. Why? I think it is a contrast issue. The clouds that the br5 sky provides appear a bit more monochrome then the volumetric you added after. The volumetric ones have that interesting pink nuance. It will work best if there is a sun rising on the horizon with more darker sky to "hide" the clouds' undersides as Horo pointed out. Also I'd expect more shadows from the clouds on the terrain (which isn't 100% necessary of course). Haze. I like it with the haze, though I doubt the open ocean can "provide" such. The water I like too. You're right - from this distance only a binocular will help seeing the waves. Lastly, it might be good idea to darken the area where the beach meets the mountainscape. The border seems too sharp. Now your image is impressive, with a lil' more work it'll be Insane! Keep it up.
11.23.2006 00:05 Offline richter richter at

Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2622
File size

Thanks Richter. It's nice to rate a 5 on the "Richter Scale." (you know I've been saving that one for months.) Ha ha :)

The file is 460MB. This seems large but consider the number of trees and the resolution of the photo materials for the leaves.

I used papaya leaves instead of billboards as I proposed before in David's image for the eco-sys work around. The papaya is a rather complex leaf that does a good job of looking like five trees from far away.

I could have lowered the base density of the volumetric clouds to allow them to blend in more with the sky around them. I will keep that in mind.
11.23.2006 09:44 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at
tina gazcon

Join Date: 08.07.2006
Comments: 254
Wish I was here!

It is so dreamy. Really beautiful work here. I love the way you layer your trees. I also like your puffy clouds. Keep inspiring me!
11.24.2006 22:30 Offline tina gazcon pecasg62 at
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