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Fractal Blossom TA
Fractal Blossom TA
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15.07.2020, 19:12

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A Bug and a Brook
A Bug and a Brook


A Bug and a Brook
Description: Pre-prod Jasc paint shop pro7. Rendered in Bryce5.5. No post production.
Again going for as much photorealism as possible. I'm trying to break out of the predictability of a usual "bryce render." This scene is meant to make the creators of terragen nervous! Even the makers of Maya should be worried!! I wanted this scene to have a sense of intimacy. The viewer is only a few inches tall, mostly to justify all that sky. NO AMBIENT EXPRESSION WHATSOEVER is applied to any of the vegetation, only transparency tricks with the refraction of water to create fleshyness. Notice the way the light penetrates the forefront flower petals and leaves in a way that makes them appear water filled without GLOWING OF AMBIENT OR TURNING INTO GLASS. There IS ambient expression applied to the volumetric clouds of course, and there is a sky dome color applied to the scene. Flowers are from Dragonfly is DAz Studio of course. I'm going for top marks here. How did I do?
Added by: rashadcarter1
Keywords: rashadcarter1, psp7, bryce5.5, noambient, fleshy, transparency, refraction, water, sky, flowers, sun, dragonfly, grass
Date: 07.11.2006 21:31
Hits: 4470
Downloads: 194
Rating: 4.88 (8 Vote(s))
File size: 591.1 KB
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Author: Comment:

Join Date: 05.07.2004
Comments: 242

You've done a truly spectacular job on the materials here, except the rocks, which I think let the scene down a bit. Your flowers sans ambience trick works very well. The sky looks much too grey for this bright beautiful day, I'd expect to see a good light blue. If yoou look at the clouds outside your window (or on google if it happens to be a grey day), you'll see that the bottoms of clouds aren't actually grey, just a lighter and less saturated color of the sky. Perhaps your ambient trick would work on the clouds? The Bryce trees really reduce the realism of your scene, perhaps buy some Xfrog trees if you have the money. Though your plant lighting is excellent, the lighting of the rest of the enviroment could use a little work, especially on the rocks. When you get your enviroment lighting right, the Terragen creators will be scared. Maya? Well, Maya has global radiosity and global illumination, which do all of your plant lighting work for you.

You went for top marks, you get them. 5/5.
07.11.2006 22:45 Offline LitoNico LitoNico at

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4564

The flowers are really good, no doubt about that. I also like the grass a lot. The stones seem to be an object LitoNico and I often disagree. I like them. On the trees, though, we agree. There are better trees than Bryce can offer (yes, X-frog for example) but you can do better on Bryce trees, too. You might want to invest some time with the Tree Lab. Though your clouds are beautiful, LitoNico is right. The underside is too dark for the present weather. The colour of the sky is very natural, though. These are all small quibbles and you've certainly earned top marks.
07.12.2006 17:53 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 04.15.2004
Comments: 1097

I'd say that your clouds are simply earning the so-called top marks here! At least I think so. Looking at your work on my monitor makes me think that in about 15 min. the whole sky will be covered with thick clouds and it's going to rain so so much. Very imressive! The front flowers, as everywhere actually, are well chosen and positioned. The yellow ones are my favourite here.

Maybe you should add more trees to scene (no matter bryce-made or any else kind). You appear to handle them well. The grass here though doesn't look real enough to me. It's just too straight up, no variation of size, no rotation caused by wind. The stones have an appropriate texture but need to be even more rounded with no sharp edges. I barely noticed the dragonfly, but this is quite normal - in nature we often fail to see those bugs because of their coloring and the habitat.
As a whole your image still needs improvement but the feel it brings and the way you build the scene up surely nails the 5/5 score for this one.
07.14.2006 21:11 Offline richter richter at

Join Date: 06.04.2006
Comments: 2622
aw shucks you guys!

Thank you all for the feedback. Glad to have rendered something of interest.
Ok. The sun is only 20 degrees above the horizon. That means that this scene is more of a sunrise or a sunset than a daytime scenario. This being said, there's alot of "night time" hidden in this scene. The shadows of the clouds seem correct to my eye when I think of them as sunrise or sunset clouds, as right now we are very close to NIGHT TIME and complete DARKNESS. When I look out of my window, I notice dark clouds at sunset and sunrise. The sky color itself is derived from Terragen as they tend to darken the sky around the sun instead of lightening it to give the sun more contrast and the sky more depth. It is the same sky as in MIAMI VICE, but a different sun angle, and therefore a different color. Horo can always tell when I'm slacking off, as in the tree lab. Both Horo and Richter are correct as the trees could be better, and more of them would help alot too, as these few and their odd placement disrupting our view of that sky makes these particular trees especially annoying. My instinct was to add more trees but I didn't want to block the sky, silly me. The stones seem fine to me, but could be better. The grass was a variation on the tech I used for miami vice, but the original tech is better, more curved blades and less upright with more variation. The scene lighting has 2 unique features I'll tell you about. First, a powerful slightly purple sun. Purple sunlight enhances the color saturation of your textures. Sounds weird, but it's true.Trust me. I get this kind of color with no post production. Second and foolishly perhaps, there is a blue sky dome color in the scene. The sky dome expression is almost as loathsome to me as ambient expression in the materials lab. It puts light on all of your objects in th scene whether indoor or outdoors from the direction of the sky, not the sun. In this case there is a blue light coming from directly above coloring everything "blue". I spend so much time searching for truth in lighting, and here I used a sky dome that contaminated my lighting direction by adding effectively a second lighting direction. Thanks for the high scores. More renders to come.
07.16.2006 02:58 Offline rashadcarter1 rashadcarter1 at

Join Date: 02.29.2004
Comments: 1

that is absolutely incredible, I have been trying to make streams and rivers forever and you make it look simple,INCREDIBLE
tina gazcon

Join Date: 08.07.2006
Comments: 254

I fell in love with this scene from first glance. I love it even more with a closer study of the details. I only hope to get half as good. Wow! I'd really love to see more of this kind of work. Thankyou!
10.31.2006 14:02 Offline tina gazcon pecasg62 at
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