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The Lego Man
The Lego Man
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18.05.2024, 13:12

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Who goes there?
Who goes there?


Who goes there?
Description: The screaming of the hounds was silenced by an abrupt salvo of gunshots. We tracked the last dog, the interloper, across the glistening pack ice, it's bloody paw prints standing out in the hollow glare of our halogen lamps. A shape loomed ahead. It didn't look like a dog. But after what we had just witness in the dog enclosure - we were ready for that. I struck up a flair and sent it spinning across the frozen ground. It stopped just short of the "dog". As we approached, it slumped onto its side, its distended belly splitting from end to end, pushed apart by a boiling mass of greasy tenticles. Legs beating uselessly against the ground, it lifted its head and let out a groan of pain which racked up the scale into a terrible almost human scream... The thing-

Doc grabbed my arm. Spitting profaninities, he snarled, "TORCH IT!"

The flamethower erased the scene from my eyes in a blinding curtain of purifing heat.

In the silence which followed, Doc asked me, "How long was he alone with that dog?"

I knew exactly who he meant. "Too long."

Doc nodded, reloaded his revolver. "Man is the warmest place to hide..."

* * *

Another "The Thing" inspired image with a bit of text to add to the atmophere if you don't mind my bad spelling and grammer. I believe "EasyNow" over on DA set me on this challange, to recreate the gore effects of the film in Bryce, particulary to get that latex model and petrolium jelly look. This is my first go, in Bryce 5.5, the dog model was set up in Poser5, imported into Wings3D for distortion and mutilation, transfered to DAZstudio to import in through to Bryce and then props were added once again with the aid of Wings3D. I then created a mask in Adobe Photoshop7, used that in Corel Photopaint7 to add some radial motion blur and finally Layered that back together with the original image in Paint Shop Pro7. This was done, beacuse as it stood, the unmodified render seemed a bit sterile and I wanted to add some sense that things were happening.

Incidentally, did you notice I slipped in the tag line for the 1980's film up there in the text?
Added by: davidbrinnen
Keywords: davidbrinnen, bryce5.5, wings3D, poser5, DAZstudio, Adobe, photshop, Corel, photopaint, PSP7, thing, monster, horror, alien, creature, dog
Date: 07.09.2005 10:51
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Join Date: 10.01.2004
Comments: 163
dear god no one has posted

Im very dumbfounded that no one has posted on this. Its very intricit? dont knwo how to spell it anyways i love the sense of "the thing" youve achieved it very much so. top marks on this
07.11.2005 01:57 Offline jesuis xxomnislashxx at

Join Date: 11.02.2004
Comments: 123

I'm so glad you did all the extra work to make it feel so alive (the scene, that is...)
Let me ask you though, is The Thing a book and a movie? Ive never read/seen it. I know it's a horror film but this makes it seem utterly disturbing.
Great Job!!!5/5!!!
07.11.2005 07:12 Offline romtin_erfani yillfog at

Join Date: 01.03.2004
Comments: 2224

Thanks, I'm glad you find it suitably disturbing. (Oh, congratulations Jesuis on getting in the DAZ bryce gallery - well done!) and Romtin_erfani, the Thing is two films, this image relates to the 1980's remake starring Kurt Russle dirceted by John Carpenter and based on a short story called "Who goes there?" - hence the title. I recommend the film if you like your horror with a psycological edge. And you are not too squeemish about aliens intestines and tenticles and dribbly stuff!
07.11.2005 08:27 Offline davidbrinnen mail at

Join Date: 10.01.2004
Comments: 163
Oh wow

I woulda never even known I made the gallery, But. My Thumbnail Looks liek garbage for some reason when i uploaded it it did not look like that. o well Congrats on getting yours in they more than deserve to be there
07.11.2005 16:45 Offline jesuis xxomnislashxx at

Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4721

I'm a bit lost on all that talk. However, the Thing certainly looks disturbing to me. The flame of the torch - now that's the one from your Underground.
07.13.2005 08:31 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

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