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Flying Eagle SHowroom
Flying Eagle SHowroom
Comments: 3

22.05.2022, 20:06

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Description: Inspired by a close up pic of a daisy. I'm not a flower person, so any one flower is as good as another for me, and at least daisies have the virtue of tasting nice. I thought I'd have a go at producing something close up and naturalistic - maybe as a step to my next Lincs image. So the petals are wings3D, as is it core and the stalk. The other foliage came from Bryce5.5 by Jean-Pierre Lapointe although the fuzzy volume grass effect in the background was my own as is all the materials used. Only did a small render because the true DOF is still a processor melta even on 5.5 and I still have nightmares about the 500hr splash render - which crashed!
Added by: davidbrinnen
Keywords: davidbrinnen, bryce5.5, wings3D, daisy, flowers, garden, Lincs
Date: 04.21.2005 08:09
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Join Date: 05.26.2004
Comments: 4737

That handmade Daisy is really very good. Just the stalk is short and funny. The quality of the foliage seems to be something to look forward to 5.5, but it's difficult to be sure because they are out of focus. Again, change the length and the material of the stalk and it is perfect, no kidding.
04.21.2005 17:17 Offline Horo h.-r.h.wernli at

Join Date: 10.01.2004
Comments: 163
Lets Take a walk

Well to start off with the render is a wonder all by itself. Its amazing how you Made the daysies all by your self Truly outstanding. Im not so sure about the grass or foilage or w/e you call it at the bottom of the daysies. looks like the scraps of when you rip a magazine. But im not saying your image is bad im jut saying thats what it reminds me of. I have a question about DOF and i am to lazy to test it myself. when you place DOF on does it automaticly blur all the far objects out and clear up the closest or do you actually have to set it your self and if you have to set it your self how would you go about that??. well thats the whole Kit-And-Kabutal for me. Nice image Dave 5/5
04.21.2005 17:19 Offline jesuis xxomnislashxx at

Join Date: 05.07.2004
Comments: 242

Realism! I have a few things that I am wondering about. First, Bryce 5.5? I have heard about it, but I cannot find it anywere on the daz site (days of searching). Where is it? Do you have to buy it? what advantages are there to it over bryce 5.0 or 5.1? And also, how dou you make the non-uniform little bumps on the dasies? I have the unfortunate habit of making everything out of a single cube. That is why I usually never render my wings creations, though I have made some quite realistic things. However, on to the image. Very good on everything exept the grass in the foreground and the daisy stem texture. overall, the daisy incredibly real.
04.22.2005 01:53 Offline LitoNico LitoNico at

Join Date: 12.16.2003
Comments: 132

I agree with Horo about the stalk. A little bigger and it'll be perfect, however i'd like to see the foliage underneath the daisies be a bit better too, but it's only a minor fault.
04.22.2005 02:15 Offline Frozencry soul_reaver_14 at

Join Date: 01.03.2004
Comments: 2227

The stalk and the grass under the daisy... yes, I know exactly what you mean - I didn't see it till the render and done and up - I'm suffering from monitor problems at the moment, it's going very strange and everthing looks like someone has been at it with a pair of deckle edged scissors - but never mind that. Bryce5.5 (as I think I said before? Should be out this quarter - according to DAZ - the version I'm using is beta rc4, I know they are up to rc5 but it takes four days of ftp for me to capture each version - I pointed out some bugs to them and that attached me to their bugtracking team even - I've been rendering away in the background with 5.5 for a while but I didn't think it would be very "polite" to say anything until they were happy about it - which is more or less now. I will be sure to let you know as soon as I know it has been released - what more can I say?) oh the grasses and foliage that I've found in rc4 - assuming they don't change things drastically, should be useful for those outdoor scenes. DOF... well, I'm sorry to say that it is something you will have to have a play with, I reckon that 0.05 to 0.01 is the sort of range that works for me usually and the focus I set by selecing an object and then using the set focus button in the render options - use less rays for setting up but if you want a top quality result you will need at least 36. Making the dasies out of wings... well what I did was make a single petle out of a single cube and a kind of spikey sphere from a sphere and took a cube and streached it and put some kinks in it and smoothed it for the stalk - most of which got burried in the green. The petals I then multi-replicaed in bryce and randomised a bit. For the core I produced a volume mat to kind of match the blob I made in wings and mixed them up in the middle as best I could free hand and that's about it. Thank you for your comments on it's realism but that is down mostly to the lighting which is once again suplimented (see the tutorials). The suplimentary light in this case is green, while the sun is pale peach - natural daylight?
04.22.2005 08:10 Offline davidbrinnen mail at
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